Monterrey, Mexico – Beijing Olympian Lindsay Seemann of Newmarket Ontario will be part of Swimming Canada’s 24-member Junior Team that will compete at the 2nd FINA World Junior Championship in Monterrey, Mexico. This competition will feature the world’s best developing swimmers and future Olympians. The competition will run from July 8 to 13 and includes female athletes ages 14 to 17, and males ages 15-18.

Lindsay Seemann is one of the youngest swimmers on the 2008 Olympic team. At 15 years old, Lindsay got her first taste of swimming when she was 5 years old watching her older brother swim with the Stingrays.

The upcoming Championship is a World event and is a chance for these junior swimmers to compete against athletes from all around the world as they gather together and begin their journey to the top!

The 1st World Junior Championship was held in Rio de Janeiro in 2006, and featured 480 athletes from 61 countries. It was a well-attended competition, especially by the Europeans. This year, the US is expected to take this competition much more seriously, and the Aussies are sending a small but strong squad. There will be close to 100 nations competing this time around, showing that this is a true World Championship!

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