EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands – Ryan Cochrane of Victoria won the gold medal on Friday in the men’s 400-metre freestyle to highlight an eight-medal performance for Canada on Friday at the SwimCup 2007 swimming competition.

Cochrane clocked three minutes and 50.678 seconds for the victory with David Carry of Britain second in 3:51.55 and Dean Milwain of Britain third in 3:52.27.

“The victory sets me up well for the 1,500 freestyle tomorrow (Saturday) which is my main focus at this meet,” said Cochrane. “And it’s very comforting to know that I’m swimming faster than last year at this time. Today I just swam my own race and I wasn’t worried about anyone else.”

Canada added three silver medals in men’s competition with Keith Beavers in the 200 backstroke, Joe Bartoch of London, Ont., in the 100 butterfly and Brian Johns of Vancouver in the 200 individual medley.

Other Canadian finalists for the men were Darryl Rudolf of Vancouver fifth in the 100 butterfly and Matt Hawes of Vancouver and Charles Francis of Montreal sixth and eighth in the 200 backstroke. Stefan Hirniak of Victoria won the 100 fly B final for ninth overall.

For the women, Annamay Pierse of Vancouver collected her second medal of the competition with silver in the 200 individual medley. Kelly Stefanyshyn and Caitlin Meredith, both of Vancouver, were second and third respectively in the 200 backstroke and Tanya Hunks of Vancouver added a bronze in the 400 freestyle.

“Kelly had a great swim,” said Pierre Lafontaine CEO and head coach of Swimming Canada. “She was third at the 150 mark and had a great last length. These are the type of performances we’re looking at for Kelly. The key to her swims are the second half.”

Michelle Landry of Vancouver was also sixth in the 200 IM.

Competition continues through to Sunday.

Friday’s leading results at the SwimCup 2007 swimming competition

100 m butterfly:
A Final:
1. Simao Gomes Morgado, Portugal, 53.89
2. Joe Bartoch, London, Ont., 53.99
3. Joeri Verlinden, Netherlands, 54.03
5. Darryl Rudolf, Victoria, 54.42

B Final:
1. Stefan Hirniak, Victoria, 54.82

200 m backstroke :
A Final:
1. Helge Meeuw, Germany, 1:58.59
2. Keith Beavers, Waterloo, Ont. 1:59.76
3. Nick Driebergen, Netherlands, 2:00.67
6. Matt Hawes, Vancouver, 2:02.97
8. Charles Francis, Montreal, 2:05.83

200 m individual medley:
A Final:
1. Robin Van Aggele, Netherlands, 2:02.20
2. Brian Johns, Vancouver, 2:03.00
3. Carlos Esteves de Almeida, Portugal, 2:03.32

400 m freestyle:
1. Ryan Cochrane, Victoria, 3:50.78
2. David Carry, Britain, 3:51.55
3. Dean Milwain, Britain, 3:52.27

200 m backstroke:
A Final:
1. Sophie Casson, Britain, 2:16.25
2. Kelly Stefanyshyn, Vancouver, 2:16.71
3. Caitlin Meredith, Vancouver, 2:16.89

200 m individual medley:
A Final:
1. Hannah Miley, Britain, 2:14.20
2. Annamay Pierse, Vancouver, 2:14.62
3. Femke Heemskerk, Netherlands, 2:16.78
6. Michelle Landry, Vancouver, 2:20.73

400 m freestyle:
1. Ionela Cozma, Romania, 4:12.72
2. Hannah Miley, Britain, 4:13.60
3. Tanya Hunks, Vancouver, 4:15.88