EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands – Brent Hayden, Annamay Pierse and Keith Beavers all won gold medals on Sunday to conclude an impressive Canadian performance this week at the SwimCup 2007 swimming competition.

Tanya Hunks of Vancouver and Mathieu Bois of Montreal each added a silver medal. Canada ended the four-day meet with nine gold medals, nine silver and five bronze.

The men’s 100 freestyle pitted Hayden, the world champion, against Pieter Van Den Hoogenband of the Netherlands – the Olympic champion. Hayden, of Vancouver, neared his Canadian record, clocking 48.67 seconds for the win despite slipping at the start. Van Den Hoogenband was second in 48.78 and Mitja Zastrow of the Netherlands third in 49.77. Matt Rose of Victoria was fifth.

“Brent’s back foot slipped off the start so he had to play catch-up,” said Pierre Lafontaine, Swimming Canada’s national coach and CEO. “He said he kicked so hard after the start that his legs were shaking. He kept his composure and never lost his concentration. It was a great swim.”

Pierse, of Vancouver, completed a breaststroke sweep with a win in Sunday’s 100-metre race in 1:08.53. Simone Weiler of Germany was second in 1:09.73 and Elise Matthyssen of Belgium third in 1:10.10. Pierse broke Canadian records in her 50 and 200 breaststroke races this week and also had a silver in the 200 IM earlier this week.

“After breaking the records she was a little disappointed she couldn’t do it again,” said Lafontaine. “But she had a great week with some amazing races. What we’ve seen are the results of some great preparation.”

In the men’s 400 individual medley Beavers, of Waterloo, Ont., notched the win in 4:19.53 finishing more than five seconds ahead of his closest pursuer. Brian Johns of Vancouver was fourth.

“I was a little disappointed with the race,” said Beavers. “The time was decent but I could have gone a 4:18 low in the race. But I’m struggling with the control of my butterfly and I paid for it at the end of my race. But I think that should be an easy fix. Also I probably would have brought it home faster if I had someone closer to me.”

Hunks collected her fourth medal of the competition in the women’s 400 IM while Bois was second in the men’s 100 breaststroke with Scott Dickens of Vancouver fifth in the same race.

Bois was only 0.01 seconds off the Olympic qualifying time he’ll need next season. He clocked a personal best 1:01.60.

“Things are coming along well,” said Bois. “The time is a great indicator that I can get that standard. I’m very satisfied and this is a great way to head into the next training block. I wasn’t fully prepared for this meet so I stand a good chance to go faster at trials.”

Charles Francis of Montreal and Matt Hawes of Vancouver were fifth and seventh in the men’s 50 backstroke while Kelly Stefanyshyn of Vancouver was sixth in the women’s 50 backstroke.

“We’re seeing that our swimmers are starting to understand how to win,” said Lafontaine. “Winning then becomes fun and when you have that taste you want to keep it. We’re getting there but there’s still a long way to go. The team also sticks together well, they really support each other and those are the qualities we’re looking for as well. It’s part of what we need to move forward.”

Sunday’s leading results at the SwimCup 2007 swimming competition:

50 m backstroke:
A Final:
1. Randall Bal, U.S., 24.84
2. Guy Barnea, Israel, 25.90
3. Nick Driebergen, Netherlands, 26.03
5. Charles Francis, Montreal, 26.56
7. Matt Hawes, Vancouver, 26.78

100 m breaststroke:
A Final:
1. Matjaz Markic, Slovenia, 1:01.49
2. Mathieu Bois, Montreal, 1:01.60
3. Emil Tahivoric, Slovenia, 1:01.70
5. Scott Dickens, Vancouver, 1:01.98

100 m freestyle:
A Final:
1. Brent Hayden, Vancouver, 48.67
2. Pieter Van Den Hoogenband, Netherlands, 48.78
3. Mitja Zastrow, Netherlands, 49.77
5. Matt Rose, Victoria, 50.34

400 m individual medley:
1. Keith Beavers, Waterloo, Ont., 4:19.53
2. Carlos Esteves De Almeida, Portugal, 4:24.58
3. Lewis Smith, Britain, 4:24.63
4. Brian Johns, Vancouver, 4:25.55

50 m backstroke:
A Final:
1. Mercedes Peris Mniguet, Spain, 28.94
2. Georgia Davies, Britain, 29.70
3. Silke Van Hoof, Belgium, 29.96
6. Kelly Stefanyshyn, Vancouver, 30.36

100 m breaststroke:
A Final:
1. Annamay Pierse, Vancouver, 1:08.53
2. Simone Weiler, Germany, 1:09.73
3. Elise Matthyssen, Belgium, 1:10.10

400 m individual medley:
1. Hannah Miley, Britain, 4:39.77
2. Tanya Hunks, Vancouver, 4:48.31
3. Kei-Anne Payne, Britain, 4:50.45