Morningstar shines again at Speedo Western Championships


VICTORIA – Erica Morningstar of Calgary erased another old national short course record from the books on Saturday and nearly broke one of her own marks on Saturday at the Speedo Western Championships.

Morningstar, tuning up for the CN Swimming Trials April 1-6 which will determine the Olympic team, clocked 31.45 seconds in the women’s 50 breaststroke to break the 31.50 national mark held since 1990 by Keltie Duggan of Edmonton.

Allison Long of Calgary was second in 32.39 and Bronwyn Pasloski of Whitehorse was third in 32.67.

On Friday, Morningstar broke a 15-year-old national record in the 200 individual medley.

In Saturday’s 100 freestyle, Morningstar collected her fourth individual gold of the meet clocking 53.48 just off her Canadian mark of 53.21 set at these championships last year. Morningstar was fifth in the event at the world championships last year and is a finalist for junior athlete of the year at next month’s Canadian Sport Awards.

Seanna Mitchell of Calgary was second in 56.10 and Elizabeth Collins of Vancouver third in 56.14.

Other winners in women’s competition included Chelsey Salli of Langley, B.C., in the 200 breaststroke and Brenna Maclean of Surrey, B.C., in the 200 butterfly.

On the men’s side, Adam Sioui and Mike Brown, both of Calgary, won two races apiece.

Brown prevailed in the 50 and 200-metre breaststroke races while Sioui took top spot in the 100 freestyle and 200 butterfly. Sioui is now up to three individual gold. Anders McIntyre of Vernon, B.C., took the 200 backstroke.

Victoria’s Island Swimming and Vancouver’s UBC Dolphins were the victors in the men’s and women’s 4X200 freestyle relays respectively.

Saturday’s leading results at the Speedo Canadian Western Championships in Victoria (all distances in metres):

50 breaststroke: 1. Mike Brown, Calgary, 28.70; 2. Sean Nugent, Burnaby, B.C., 28.989; 3. Jason Block, Calgary, 29.06.

100 freestyle: 1. Adam Sioui, Calgary, 48.61; 2. Rick Say, Victoria, 48.75; 3. Matt Rose, Victoria, 49.75.

200 backstroke: 1. Anders McIntyre, Vernon, B.C., 2:00.69; 2. Derek Doerksen, Calgary, 2:01.09; 3. James Mcquade, North Vancouver, 2:02.72

200 breaststroke: 1. Mike Brown, Calgary, 2:11.00; 2. Michael Cai, New Westminster, B.C., 2:15.57; 3. Braeden Taylor, Winnipeg, 2:16.05.

200 butterfly: 1. Adam Sioui, Calgary, 1:55.27; 2. Stefan Hirniak, Victoria, 1:55.33; 3. Chad Murray, Calgary, 2:00.65.

4X200 freestyle relay: 1. Island Swimming, Victoria, 7:14.79; 2. University of Calgary, 7:19.86; 3. Cascade, Calgary, 7:32.22.

50 breaststroke: 1. Erica Morningstar, Calgary, 31.45; 2. Allison Long, Calgary, 32.39; 3. Bronwyn Pasloski, Whitehorse, 32.67.

100 freestyle: 1. Erica Morningstar, Calgary, 53.48; 2. Seanna Mitchell, Calgary, 56.10; 3. Elizabeth Collins, Vancouver, 56.14.

200 backstroke: 1. Melanie Nocher, Northern Ireland, 2:08.52; 2. Caitlin Meredith, Vancouver, 2:11.85; 3. Hilary Caldwell, Surrey, B.C., 2:13.45.

200 breaststroke: 1. Chelsey Salli, Langley, B.C., 2:28.17; 2. Bronwyn Pasloski, Whitehorse, 2:30.37; 3. Rachel Nicol, Lethbridge, Alta., 2:31.96.

200 butterfly: 1. Brenna Maclean, Surrey, B.C., 2:10.76; 2. MacKenzie Downing, Victoria, 2:11.26; 3. Kendra Chernoff, Saskatoon, 2:14.89.

4X200 freestyle: 1. UBC Dolphins, Vancouver, 8:14.46; 2. Cascade, Calgary, 8:17.22; 3. Langley, B.C., 8:19.36.

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