VANCOUVER (CIS) – University of British Columbia’s Annamay Pierse (Edmonton) continued to rewrite Canadian history at the Thunderbird Aquatic Centre on Friday night, setting a Canadian and CIS championship record in the women’s short-course 200-metre breaststroke on the second day of the 2008 CIS swimming championships with an eye-popping 2:23.50.

By chopping nearly a second and a half off the previous Canadian mark of 2:24.92 set in 2004 by Lauren van Oosten and over two seconds off the previous meet record of 2:25.70 established in 1993 by Laurentian’s Nancy Sweetnam, Pierse vaulted herself into the top 10 in the world in the event.

“I really can’t ask for anything more,” gushed Pierse, who had set a new national standard in the 100 breast on Thursday. “It was amazing having my whole family here, and I bet my dad is on the phone right now calling everyone he knows. That’s just what he does.”

Pierse’s time is even more impressive considering she is in the midst of heaving training preparing for the Olympic Trials meet at the beginning of April that will determine which athletes get to represent Canada at the Games in Beijing in August.

She wasn’t the only Olympic breaststroke hopeful that was in the pool representing the championship host ‘Birds tonight.

Toronto born rookie Martha McCabe, who cites getting to train with Pierse and coach Joseph Nagy as two of the main reasons she chose to make the cross-country trip to UBC, was lightning quick in the pool as well, touching the wall in 2:25.42. That time would have been good enough for gold in any other past CIS championship but on the night she had to settle for silver and the title of second fastest woman ever in the event at the CIS meet.

Pierse’s record wasn’t the only one for the women on the second night of competition in Vancouver. UQTR’s Jennifer Carroll (Montreal) picked up a pair of golds in the first two individual events of the evening and improved upon her own CIS championship record in the 50 butterfly.

Carroll, the three-time defending champion going into the event, didn’t disappoint, claiming her fourth straight gold in a CIS championship record time of 27.02. UVIC’s MacKenzie Downing, the 100 butterfly champion, grabbed the silver and Guelph rookie Chantinque Payne picked up a surprise bronze from lane eight.

In the first race of the evening, Carroll was just too quick for the Calgary duo of Hanna Kubas and Katy Murdoch, the top two seeds, as she rode her opening 50 of 28.99 to victory, touching in a winning time of 1:00.88.

Laval’s Chanelle Charron-Watson won her third straight women’s 400 freestyle, leading from start to finish stopping the clock at 4:10.00.

Other winners on the women’s side were UBC’s Stephanie Nicholls in the 50 freestyle (25.80), Downing in the 200 butterfly (2:10.95), and the Dinos 4×200 freestyle relay (8:05.63).

The women’s team race is down to two teams but is certainly still up for grabs. The hosts from UBC, winners of the last 10 CIS banners, have a narrow 56-point lead over their rivals from Calgary after two days, 475-419.

Men’s action also featured a repeat champion, as UBC’s Callum Ng claimed his third consecutive gold in the 100 backstroke, to go with a silver from his rookie season in 2003-04. Ng, the 50 backstroke winner Thursday night, was easily the fastest man in the pool, cruising to victory in a time of 53.11, well over two seconds ahead of second place.

Nicolas Murray of Laval continued his impressive meet, taking down Calgary’s Chad Hankewich in the men’s 50 butterfly, out touching the former CIS championship record holder 24.31 to 24.35 to claim a sweep of the butterfly sprints.

Not all was lost for Hankewich, who came back to take the gold in the 400 freestyle. In a final that featured four Dinos, Hankewich was the best, touching the wall in 3:51.13 to claim his second individual gold of the meet. UBC’s Malcolm Lavoie gave Hankewich all he could handle, grabbing silver with a time of 3:51.91 in his impressive comeback effort after sitting out the 2006-07 season.

Hankewich also led his teammates to victory in the 4×200, registering the fastest split of the night at 1:47.53.

The Toronto Varsity Blues picked up their first two wins of the meet, as Barbadian Olympian Martyn Forde trumped the field in the men’s prestige event, winning the 50 freestyle with a powerful second 25 to hit the wall in a time of 22.56. Teammate Marco Monaco repeated his conference success in the 200 breaststroke, taking gold in 2:15.97.

In another first, UBC rookie Rory Biskupski won his first ever gold medal at the CIS championship upsetting top-seeded Scott Van Doormaal of Guelph in the men’s 200 fly. Biskupski navigated the eight laps of the pool in the only sub two-minute time, 1:59.39.

At the end of two days of competition, Calgary has a commanding lead in the men’s race, out distancing 10-time defending CIS champion UBC 518 to 391.5. Laval, sitting just 57.5 points back of the hometown ‘Birds, are still in the mix for a second place team finish.

The meet wraps up Saturday with prelims at 10 am Pacific Time and finals going off at 6 pm.


1. UBC, 475 points
2. Calgary, 419
3. Victoria, 217
4. Laval, 208.5
5. Toronto, 173
6. Alberta, 144.5
7. Guelph, 130
8. Western Ontario, 77
9. Dalhousie, 75
10. Montreal, 72
11. McMaster, 61
12. UQTR, 60
T13. McGill, 43
T13. Laurentian, 43
15. Wilfrid Laurier, 37
16. Lethbridge, 30
17. Regina, 13
18. Queen’s, 12
19. UNB, 6
20. Manitoba, 2


1. Calgary, 518 points
2. UBC, 391.5
3. Laval, 334
4. Toronto, 246
5. Montréal, 183
6. Alberta, 122.5
7. Victoria, 94.5
8. Dalhousie, 90
9. Guelph, 88
10. McGill, 32
11. Waterloo, 31
12. Ottawa, 29
13. Western Ontario, 27
14. McMaster, 24
15. Manitoba, 22
16. UQTR, 16
17. UNB, 14.5
18. Sherbrooke, 9
19. Laurentian, 3


W 100m Back
1. Jennifer Carroll, UQTR, 1:00.88
2. Hanna Kubas, Calgary, 1:01.14
3. Katy Murdoch, Calgary, 1:01.26

M 100m Back
1. Callum Ng, UBC, 53.11
2. Bruno Langlois, Laval, 55.48
3. Scott Van Doormaal, Guelph, 55.64

W 50m Fly
1. Jennifer Carroll, UQTR, 27.02 (CIS championship record)
2. MacKenzie Downing, Victoria, 27.61
3. Chantique Payne, Guelph, 27.69

M 50m Fly
1. Nicolas Murray, Laval, 24.31
2. Chad Hankewich, Calgary, 24.35
3. Samuel Dallaire-Poudrier, Laval, 24.96

W 400m Free
1. Chanelle Charron-Watson, Laval, 4:10.00
2. Breanna Hendriks, Calgary, 4:10.89
3. Kevyn Peterson, Calgary, 4:12.72

M 400m Free
1. Chad Hankewich, Calgary, 3:51.13
2. Malcolm Lavoie, UBC, 3:51.91
3. Gavin D’Amico, Alberta, 3:56.40

W 200m Breast
1. Annamay Pierse, UBC, 2:23.50 (Canadian record / CIS championship record)
2. Martha McCabe, UBC, 2:25.42
3. Taylor Peterson, Calgary, 2:26.90

M 200m Breast
1. Marco Monaco, Toronto, 2:15.97
2. Christopher Tobin, Calgary, 2:17.31
3. Marc-André Duchesneau, Montreal, 2:17.43

W 50m Free
1. Stephanie Nicholls, UBC, 25.80
2. Marie-Pier Ratelle, Laval, 26.00
3. Hayley Nell, Western Ontario, 26.11

M 50m Free
1. Martyn Forde, Toronto, 22.56
2. Terrence Haynes, Toronto, 22.79
3. Pascal Anctil, UQTR, 22.90

W 200m Fly
1. MacKenzie Downing, Victoria, 2:10.95
2. Erin Miller, UBC, 2:13.02
3. Chrystèle Roy L’Écuyer, Montreal, 2:13.24

M 200m Fly
1. Rory Biskupski, UBC, 1:59.39
2. Jordan Hartney, UBC, 2:01.36
3. Scott Van Doormaal, Guelph, 2:01.56

W 4 x 200m Free Relay
1. Calgary, 8:05.63
(Breanna Hendriks, Kevyn Peterson, Katy Murdoch, Brit Robson)
2. UBC, 8:13.81
(Stephanie Nicholls, Annamay Pierse, Martha McCabe, Tara Ivanitz)
3. Alberta, 8:20.41
(Amy Follinglo, Katerina Symes, Lauren Gillespie, Mandy Bell)

M 4 x 200m Free Relay
1. Calgary, 7:16.10
(Chad Hankewich, Kein Gillespie, Thane Kubik, Colin Miazga)
2. UBC, 7:25.68
(Aaron Blair, Callum Ng, Rory Biskupski, Malcolm Lavoie)
3. Laval, 7:30.47
(Adam Szoo, Vincent Boulanger-Martel, Nicolas Murray, Bruno Langlois)


Women’s 200-meter Free
1. Chanelle Charron-Watson, Laval, 1:58.86
2. Breanna Hendriks, Calgary, 1:59.44
3. Kevyn Peterson, Calgary, 1:59.45

Men’s 200m Free
1. Chad Hankewich, Calgary, 1:47.05
2. Kevin Gillepsie, Calgary, 1:49.34
3. Adam Szoo, Laval, 1:49.52

W 50m Back
1. Jennifer Carroll, UQTR, 27.81
2. Hanna Kubas, Calgary, 28.02
3. Katy Murdoch, Calgary, 29.20

M 50m Back
1. Callum Ng, UBC, 24.48
2. Dan Langlois, Calgary, 25.24
3. Oleg Chernukhin, Waterloo, 25.87

W 100m Breast
1. Annamay Pierse, UBC, 1:07.12 (Canadian record / CIS championship record)
2. Taylor Peterson, Calgary, 1:08.26
3. Martha McCabe, UBC, 1:08.77

M 100m Breast
1. Christopher Tobin, Calgary, 1:01.78
2. Marco Monaco, Toronto, 1:02.61
3. Adam Szoo, Laval, 1:03.48

W 100m Fly
1. MacKenzie Downing, Victoria, 59.31 (CIS championship record)
2. Erin Miller, UBC, 1:00.12
3. Stephanie Nicholls, UBC, 1:01.08

M 100m Fly
1. Nicolas Murray, Laval, 53.61
2. Rory Biskupski, UBC, 53.74
3. Callum Ng, UBC, 53.75

W 400m IM
1. Hanna Pierse, UBC, 4:43.66
2. Rachelle Salli, UBC, 4:48.11
3. Matha McCabe, UBC, 4:50.79

M 400m IM
1. Jordan Hartney, UBC, 4:17.06
2. Bruno Langlois, Laval, 4:19.19
3. Cam Cummings, Toronto, 4:24.78

W 4 x 100m Free Relay
1. Calgary, 3:44.93
(Kevyn Peterson, Breanna Hendriks, Katy Murdoch, Brit Robson)
2. UBC, 3:46.77
(Stephanie Nicholls, Annamay Pierse, Oriana Cope, Martha McCabe)
3. Laval, 3:48.21
(Marie-Pier Ratelle, Jane Wilkinson, Valérie Boudreault, Chanelle Charron-Watson)

M 4 x 100m Free Relay
1. Calgary, 3:18.61
(Kelly Aspinall, Kevin Gillespie, Ryan Gow, Chad Hankewich)
2. UBC, 3:20.95
(Callum Ng, Tommy Gossland, Rory Biskupski, Aaron Blair)
3. Toronto, 3:22.88
(Martyn Forde, Terrence Haynes, Francesco Agueci, Patrick Cuch)