Philippe Dubreuil of Sherbrooke, Que., finished 28th Saturday in the men’s 10 kilometre race at an open water swimming World Cup competition.

Dubreuil finished 41.93 seconds back of Thomas Lurz of Germany who won the gold medal in 1:48:53.06. Daniil Serebrenkov was second 1.58 seconds back and Velerio Cleri of Italy was third.

“Overall I’m satisfied,” said Dubreuil, 26.

“I had a good race. My result is more or less satisfying, but I was in the top-10 most of the race.”

Dubreuil was in ninth with 800 metres to go before an unfortunate incident. “It was going well and I had a lot of energy,” he said. “But my opponents were very aggressive. One of them, probably unintentionally pushed me and I was under water.”

He arrived Thursday in Dubai after an intense training camp in Brazil. “I probably hadn’t completely recuperated,” Dubreuil said. “So I’m really pleased to have stayed within the top-10 almost the entire race.”

“It wasn’t for that bad luck I probably would have placed very well. But those things happen and I can’t use that as an excuse. I managed my race well and I was more aggressive. But I need to work more on that in the upcoming races.”

Dubreuil will return to Brazil to prepare for the world open water swimming championships scheduled for May 3-8 in Seville, Spain. It will be the selection meet for the 10-kilometre race at the 2008 Olympics.

The top-10 and the best from each continent not in the top-10 will qualify for the Games.

“It would be a great performance for me to make the top-10,” he said. “It’s not my goal but I still know it is possible.”

“I’m looking for a top continental result. My top opponents are from Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. I like my chances.”

A second qualifying event is scheduled for May 31- June 1 in Beijing.

“If I don’t qualify at the worlds I think I can make the top-nine at the Olympic test event,” Dubreuil said.

“I’m sure a Canadian will qualify at the test event and it will probably be me or Jarrod Ballem.”