Toronto – Canadian Swim sensation is among the five athletes and two builders to be inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame at a gala dinner Nov. 5 in Toronto once again will showcase the country’s ever-expanding contribution to world sporting excellence.

Nancy Garapick was a blonde, bubbling unknown 14-year-old when she broke the world 200 backstroke record in 1975.

A few months later at the World Aquatic Games in Cali, Colombia, she won bronze in the 100 backstroke. Competing against East Germany’s Birgit Treiber, who had wrestled back the 200 world mark, Garapick broke the record again – but finished second to Treiber. A year later, competing in the Olympic Games in Montreal, she won bronze medals in the two backstroke events. She was a member of the Canadian national team from 1974-1983.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame recognizes and honours Canada’s sports heroes. It is the Hall’s mission to inspire Canadian identity and national pride by telling the compelling stories of those outstanding achievements that make up Canada’s sports history. The addition of these athletes and builders brings the total number of Honoured Members in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame to 499.

source: Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame