As we head into the first long weekend of boating season, Red Cross promotes lifejacket day not only to the public, but also internally to staff and ask that they help to spread the message.

Boaters feel safe just having a lifejacket nearby. But incidents happen fast. When something goes wrong, close by isn’t close enough. Lifejackets save lives only when we wear them.

Take action today!

  • Test your lifejackets. Pull out your family’s lifejackets and have everyone put them on. Check that a child’s weight does not exceed the buoyancy for the jacket listed on the label. Make sure all jackets are still in good condition (no moth holes, rips, broken zippers or buckles).
  • Purchase whistles and attach to each of your jackets.
  • Write a letter or email to the editor when you see photos in your newspaper or magazines with boaters not wearing lifejackets. Bring awareness to the images being presented.

Even if you don’t set foot in a boat this summer, you can still help prevent drownings. Show your friends, family members, and colleagues that you are aware. Forward this message to them. Talk to people you know who enjoy boating. Encourage them to wear lifejackets.