Twelve swimmers from the University of Calgary Swim Club traveled to Europe on April 30th for 12 days of racing and training.

The main purpose of the trip was to educate and expose the swimmers to the environmental factors that can affect one’s performance when traveling abroad. With the 2012 Olympics in London, England, USCS has developed a program where their age group swimmers in the National Program will travel once each year to Europe to train, compete and learn how to deal with the specific demands that can affect their individual performances.

The athletes traveling to Europe this year followed a strict plan to learn how to deal with jet lag when traveling east over an 8 hour time change and how to adjust the circadian rhythm to the new time zone as quickly as possible. UCSC swimmers competing for a spot on the 2012 Olympic Team will be well versed on how to plan and prepare for the environmental factors of the London Games.

The athletes first stop was Malmo, Sweden where they trained with MKK, one of Sweden’s top club programs and raced at a meet in Burlov. The team arrived at midnight in Malmo, had one day on location and then raced for 2 days. The mantra echoed throughout the trip was consistency in performance and performance on demand. The swimmers did not disappoint as many of them swam lifetime best times and dominated at the competition.

Following the meet, the team took a day trip to Copenhagen on the Monday and resumed training on Tuesday. The team departed by train to Neheim, Germany for the chwimfest International meet the following weekend. The competition was held in an outdoor 50m pool in a beautiful location. Teams from 7 different countries articipated and UCSC swimmers once again led the way to the podium.

During the trip all swimmers were billeted by families in Sweden and Germany to help offset the costs of the trip. The swimmers were treated like royalty by gracious hosts. Throughout the whole trip they were very well taked care of, and treated like family. It really was an incredible experience.

Swimmers who attending this exciting trip were:
Lee Fladhamer
Jessie Olsen-Heisler
Randy Churchill
Rachel McCall
Allison Long
Mike Siarkowski
Pam McGhee
Nicole Delaloye
Eric Anderson
Sarah Mackay
Roger Hanna
Kirsten Weevers