WINNIPEG – World champion Brent Hayden of Vancouver won the gold medal in his last men’s 100-metre freestyle race before the Olympics to highlight Friday morning’s finals at the Summer Nationals swimming competition.

Hayden was first at the turn and continued to gold in 49.01 seconds.  Joel Greenshields of Calgary was second in 49.44 and Rick Say of Victoria third in 50.12.

  All three medallists are tuning up for this summer’s Olympics which start August 8 in Beijing.

Other winners in men’s competition were Thomas Kindler of Montreal in the 50 butterfly, Scott Dickens of Vancouver in the 100 breaststroke, Brian Johns of Vancouver in the 400 individual medley and Sean Penhale of Victoria in the 800 freestyle.

In women’s competition, Julia Wilkinson notched her second gold in two days taking the women’s 100 freestyle in 55.02.  Canadian record holder Erica Morningstar of Calgary was second in 55.54 and Jen Beckberger of Whitby, Ont., third in 56.33.

‘’We’ve had very solid performances right across the board from our Olympic nominees,’’ said Pierre Lafontaine, Swimming Canada’s CEO and head coach.  ‘’To be swimming near personal bests in this period of their preparation is really good.’’

Other winners in women’s competition were: Jennifer Carroll of Montreal in the 50 butterfly, Annamay Pierse of Vancouver in the 100 breaststroke and Tanya Hunks of Vancouver in the 400 IM.

Victoria’s Island Swim Club and the Toronto Swim Club won the men’s and women’s 4X200 freestyle relays respectively.

The competition format this week is simulating the Olympic Game schedule with preliminaries in the evening and finals the following morning.  This is the last competition for Canada’s Olympic swim team before the Games.

‘’The swimmers have really responded well to the competition format,’’ said Lafontaine.  ‘’Most of them are swimming faster in the finals.  The schedule has not been a distraction.’’

Competition continues through to Sunday.

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Friday’s medallists at the Summer Nationals swimming competition in Winnipeg


50 butterfly: 1. Thomas Kindler, Montreal, 23.95; 2. Jason Dunford,, U.S., 24.35; 3. Jonathan Newton, Australia, 24.94.

100 breaststroke: 1. Scott Dickens, Vancouver, 1:01.92; 2. Mike Brown, Calgary, 1:02.22; 3. Mathieu Bois, Montreal, 1:03.12.

100 freestyle: 1. Brent Hayden, Vancouver, 49.01; 2. Joel Greenshields, Calgary, 49.44; 3. Rick Say, Victoria, 50.12.

400 individual medley: 1. Brian Johns, Vancouver, 4:18.13; 2. Keith Beavers, Waterloo, Ont., 4:20.58; 3. Tim Ruse, Pointe-Claire, Que., 4:28.80.

800 freestyle: 1. Sean Penhale, Victoria, 8:11.83; 2. Faisal Delgadillo, Mexico, 8:21.18; 3. Steven Bielby, Pointe-Claire, Que., 8:21.29.

4X200 freestyle relay: 1. Island Swimming, Victoria, 7:22.59; 2. University of Calgary, 7:26.55; 3. UBC Dolphins, Vancouver, 7:29.14.


50 butterfly: 1. Jennifer Carroll, Montreal, 27.49; 2. MacKenzie Downing, Victoria, 27.46; 3. Paige Miller, Brampton, Ont., 27.84.

100 breaststroke: 1. Annamay Pierse, Vancouver, 1:09.32; 2. Jillian Tyler, Calgary, 1:09.86; 3. Ashley McGregor, Pointe-Claire, Que., 1:10.74.

100 freestyle: 1. Julia Wilkinson, North York, Ont., 55.02; 2. Erica Morningstar, Calgary, 55.54; 3. Jen Beckberger, Whitby, Ont., 56.33.

400 individual medley: 1. Tanya Hunks, Vancouver, 4:45.14; 2. Barbara Jardin, Montreal, 4:50.92; 3. Monika Stitski, 4:52.58.

4X200 freestyle: 1. Toronto Swim Club, 8:20.61; 2. UBC Dolphins, Vancouver, 8:21.88; 3. Etobicoke Swim, 8:25.78.