Being an Olympian for the third and, potentially, final time, I wanted to do things this time around the right way as I may not get a chance to do any better. For me that meant training better and taking care of my performances but also taking charge as a leader on the team. I feel like that I made this team my own, which makes me even more proud of how everyone performed because I feel like that I was not only a part of that success but also helped others have success as well.

Now that we’re done, I will be taking in as much of the experience as I can, I’ve already watched the Men’s Rowing Eight win the gold (with a few UBC teammates in the boat!) and Despatie win silver. One of the things I told everybody was to celebrate every success, and now that we’re done we are celebrating the success of the entire Olympic team and showing that we are not just the Canadian Swim Team, but the Canadian Olympic Team!