Not only am I known as the youngest member of the 2008 Canadian Olympic Team, I am also the Team clutz. Very rarely a day goes by that I haven’t fallen on my face. I am accident-prone and I am Canadian.

My Olympic experience has become a memory I will never forget. All my awesome teammates are very, well…awesome? Just kidding, love you all.

Competing in the 200m backstroke was an amazing experience, as my legs were shaking as I walked out on deck, I was surprised I didn’t fall… again. The race didn’t go quite as I planned, but for my first race at a senior international competition; it was decent. Hopefully, the second time around will be more of a success.

The Olympic venues and village are incredible. The water cube’s structure of bubbles is really sweet. Alexa and I have wondered how awesome it would be to run on the top of the water cube; if there was no possibility of falling off of course, because that could end badly. Some of the steps around the village and pool are uneven, including the front steps of the Olympic village cafeteria, and seeing as I go in and out of there multiple times a day, it causes the percentage of a fall to increase as well, and with the cafeteria always being busy, I always get multiple offers, in many languages, to help me up after I eat some concrete.