Toronto, ON – “Exciting” was the operative word as 8 of the top university teams in Canada descended on the U of T pool Thursday for a showdown. When it was done, it was U of T and UBC 1-2 in both the men’s (230-221pts) and the women’s (247 ? -227 1/2 pts) team races.

“With all the local and nationals rivalries we were able to create some great early season racing and an exciting atmosphere for the swimmers—it was fun’” said U of T head coach Byron MacDonald.

While U of T had the lions share of the victories—including double golds by rookie Andrea Jurenovskis (Timmins,Ontario), second year Poppy Ruksys (Kingston,Ontario), fourth year Sasha Theron (Mississauga,Ontario), and Olympian Colin Russell (Burlington,Ontario), there were wins by McGill (Steven Bielby/ 200IM), Laval University (Nicholas Murray /100IM), and UBC (Martha McCabe & Rory Biskupski).

Solo wins were recorded by Toronto’s Cam Cummings, Curtis Samuel, and Stefan Kalaba.

The U of T Blues started out with upset wins in the very first individual event, the 100m backstroke by captain Cam Cummings and Andrea Jurenovskis. “ Those swims really got the team fired up,” said head coach MacDonald. “They both swam lifetime best times—this early in the season. It was impressive.”

The swimmers are all in town to also compete in the upcoming Canada Cup swim meet featuring nearly 500 of the top senior level swimmers from all ages over the weekend in Etobicoke.

The final scores:
1. U.Toronto 230
2. U.BC 221 ½
3. U.Laval 184
4. U.Dalhousie 171
5. U.Ottawa 169 ½
6. U.McMaster 169
7. U.McGill 158
8. U.Guelph 143

1. U.Toronto 247 ½
2. U.BC 227 ½
3. U.McMaster 198
4. U.Guelph 184
5. U.Dalhousie 153
6. U.McGill 139
7. U.Waterloo 136
8. U.Laval 127