TORONTO – Annamay Pierse of Vancouver lowered her second Canadian record in two days at the Canada Cup short course swimming competition Saturday with a victory in the women’s 200-metre breaststroke.

Pierse, a 2008 Olympian, clocked 2:21.69 to smash her previous national mark of 2:23.50 set this past February. She also broke her 100-metre breaststroke Canadian record on Friday.

Martha McCabe of Vancouver was second in 2:23.19 and Liz Smith of Vancouver third in 2:25.77.

“I really pushed myself tonight,’’ said Pierse. ‘’This performance showed me that the 2:17 world record is an attainable goal for me.’’

In the women’s 4X200 freestyle relay, the University of Calgary placed second and lowered a six-year national mark clocking 7:58.14. The U of C swimmers were Kevyn Peterson, Erica Morningstar, Breanna Hendriks and Hanna Kubas. The previous national record was 8:01.16 set by UBC in 2002. California’s Stanford University won Saturday’s race in 7:52.07.

Jennifer Carroll of Montreal collected her second gold of the meet winning the women’s 50 backstroke.

Winners in men’s competition were Matt Rose of Victoria in the 50 backstroke, Brent Hayden of Vancouver in the 50 freestyle, Joe Bartoch of London, Ont., in the 100 butterfly, Warren Barnes of Scarborough, Ont., in the 200 breaststroke, Adam Szoo of Quebec City in the 200 IM and Olympic bronze medallist Ryan Cochrane of Victoria in the 400 freestyle.

‘’ I’m happy with my time,’’ said Cochrane. ‘’It’s a good feeling swimming this fast so early in the season. The first part of my race was a bit slow but I managed to kick it up a bit.’’

Cochrane won the race in 3:46.51 edging out Hassaan Abdel-Khalik of Etobicoke who clocked 3:46.76, his third national age group record of the meet.

‘’The hard training is paying off and to get to that speed without a full taper is quite encouraging,’’ said Abdel-Khalik. ‘’I knew Ryan would come back strong so catching up to him was part of my race plan. I got the record so I’m happy.’’

Hayden was also happy with his performance.

‘’I took a bit of time off after the Games,’’ he said. ‘’To get close to my best time in the 50 is a great start for this season.’’

Etobicoke Swim lowered a national age group record in its men’s 4X200 freestyle victory.

Competition ends Sunday at the Etobicoke Olympium.

Saturday’s results at the Canada Cup short course swimming competition in Toronto:


50 backstroke: 1. Matt Rose, Victoria, 24.05; 2. Dan Langlois, Calgary, 25.04; 3. Jonathan Blouin, Quebec City, 25.43.

50 freestyle: 1. Brent Hayden, Vancouver, 22.15; 2. Joel Greenshields, Airdrie, Alta., 22.29; 3. Terrence Haynes, Toronto, 22.73.

100 butterfly: 1. Joe Bartoch, London, Ont., 53.07; 2. Nicolas Murray, Quebec City, 53.62; 3. Stefan Hirniak, Victoria, 53.92.

200 breaststroke: 1. Warren Barnes, Scarborough, Ont., 2:13.15; 2. Sean Nugent, 2:13.92; 3. Mathieu Bois, Montreal, 2:14.39.

200 individual medley: 1. Adam Szoo, Quebec City, 2:00.55; 2. Andrew Ford, Guelph, Ont., 2:00.78; 3. Brunoo Langlois, Quebec City, 2:01:09.

400 freestyle: 1. Ryan Cochrane, Victoria, 3:46.51; 2. Hassaan Abdel-Khalik, Etobicoke, Ont., 3:46.76; 3. Colin Miazga, Saskatoon, 3:52.68.

4X200 freestyle: 1. Etobicoke Swim, 7:22.64; 2. Rouge et Or, Quebec City, 7:24.92; 3. University of Calgary, 7:28.82.


50 backstroke: 1. Jennifer Carroll, Montreal, 27.88; 2. Hanna Kubas, Calgary, 28.11; 3. Paige Millerr, Brampton, Ont., 28.99.

100 butterfly: 1. Elaine Breeden, U.S., 57.88; 2. Sam Woodward, U.S., 58.58; 3. Audrey Lacroix, Montreal, 59.32.

200 breaststroke: 1. Annamay Pierse, Vancouver, 2:21.69 (Canadian record, previous record Pierse 2:23.50 in February 2008); 2. Martha McCabe, Vancouver, 2:23.19; 3. Liz Smith, Vancouver, 2:25.77.

200 individual medley: 1. Julia Smit, U.S., 2:06.49; 2. Elaine Breeden, U.S., 2:11.68; 3. Paige Schultz, Toronto, 2:13.73.

400 freestyle: 1. Kate Dwelley, U.S., 4:05.09; 2. Tanya Hunks, Vancouver, 4:09.79; 3. Kevyn Peterson, Calgary, 4:10.43.

4X200 freestyle: 1. Stanford, U.S., 7:52.07; 2. University of Calgary, 7:58.14 (Canadian record, previous mark 8:01.16, UBC, February 2002); 3. Etobicoke Swim, 8:09.41.