Ottawa, ON – Throughout the year long celebration, Swimming Canada will be highlighting special moments from the last 100 years on the website each week. This week we look at the history of Swim Saskatchewan – Past, present and future.

Swimming in Saskatchewan began to become popular in the early 1900’s. One of the earliest events was the “pyjama drill” of the Y.M.C.A boys , when, on asweltering summer night, the boys left the dormitory of the Saskatoon Y.M.C.A and headed to the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.Concerned citizens called the local constabulary and the boy’s names were recorded and they were sent back to the dorms.

This is indicative of the recreational aspect of swimming in Saskatchewan in the early years.

In 1909, The Regina Y.M.C.A. built the first indoor swimming facility followed by Moose Jaw in 1910 and Saskatoon in 1913.The building of these facilities made it possible for swimming enthusiasts to swim in a pool instead of the lakes, rivers and dugouts they had become accustomed to.

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