SYDNEY, Australia – Chad Bobrosky of Calgary and Chelsey Salli of Langley, B.C., put a golden finish on an impressive Canadian performance in swimming on Sunday at the Australian Olympic Youth Festival.

The Canadians collected five more medals to end the competition with 23 (seven gold, nine silver and seven bronze).

Bobrosky posted his second victory and fifth medal of the competition winning the men’s 1,500-metre freestyle in 15 minutes and 50.04 seconds.

That bettered his personal best by 23 seconds. Yunqi Li of China was second in 15:53.60 and Sam Sheppard of Australia third in 15:57.21.

‘’I swam a really smart race,’’ said Bobrosky, 16, who grabbed the lead at the 950-metre mark. ‘’It was controlled and I was really happy with it. I didn’t worry about the others and swam my own race.’’

In the women’s 200 breaststroke, Salli sailed to victory in 2:30.24. Saya Kuroiwa of Japan was second in 2:31.45 and her compatriot Miyu Otsuka third in 2:31.97. Bronwyn Pasloski of Whitehorse was fourth in 2:32.40.

‘’I was happy to win but I was hoping for a faster time,’’ said Salli. ‘’I tried to go out and keep focused on my stroke.’’

Chantal Van Landeghem of Winnipeg notched a silver in the 50 freestyle and also anchored Canada to second place in the 4X100 medley relay with Tess Simpson of Ingleside, Ont., Marie-Soleil Jean-Lachapelle of Montreal and Brenna MacLean, Vancouver.

Van Landeghem, the youngest member on the Canadian squad at 14, ends the meet with one gold and three silver medals.

David Dimitrov of Calgary added a bronze in the men’s 200 individual medley with Braeden Newton of St. Alta., eighth.

Newton was also seventh in the 200 breaststroke. On the women’s side, Simpson was fourth in the 50 freestyle, Beatrice Pineau of Boischatel, Que., and Bobbie Mielnichuk of Edmonton were fourth and fifth respectively in the 800 freestyle and Hilary Bell of Toronto and Dominique Bouchard of North Bay, Ont., sixth and eighth in the 200 IM.

Here is a recap of Canada’s swimming medallist this week in Australia.

Gold (7): Tess Simpson, Ingleside, Ont., women’s 50 freestyle; Graham Hawes, Toronto, men’s 100 backstroke and 200 backstroke; Chad Bobrosky, Calgary, men’s 400 freestyle and 1,500 freestyle; Chantal Van Landeghem, Winnipeg, women’s 100 butterfly; Chelsey Salli, Langley, B.C., women’s 200 breaststroke.

Silver (9): Van Landeghem, 50 freestyle; Bobrosky, 200 freestyle; men’s 4X200 freestyle relay (Bobrosky; James Kendrick, Calgary; David Dimitrov, Calgary; Karl Wolk, Calgary); Marie-Soleil Jean-Lachapelle, Montreal, women’s 100 breaststroke; women’s 4X200 freestyle relay (Hilary Bell, Toronto; Bobbie Mielnichuk, Edmonton; Bronwyn Pasloski, Whitehorse; Beatrice Pineau, Boischatel, Que.); women’s 4X100 freestyle relay (Van Landeghem; Bell; Mielnichuk; Simpson); Dominique Bouchard, North Bay, Ont., women’s 200 backstroke; Van Landeghem, 50 freestyle; women’s 4X100 medley relay (Simpson, Jean-Lachapelle; Brenna MacLean, Vancouver; Van Landeghem).

Bronze (7): Bell, 200 freestyle; Dimitrov 400 IM and 400 freestyle; Salli, 100 breaststroke; Braeden Newton, St. Albert, Alta., men’s 200 backstroke; men’s 4X100 freestyle relay (Dimitrov, Bobrosky, Wolk, Kendrick); Dimitrov, 200 IM.

‘’This was the strongest team we’ve ever had for this competition since it started (in 2001),’’ said Canadian head coach Ken McKinnon. ‘’Our team showed a lot of dedication to the task. It was an Olympic-style experience and they are going to greatly benefit from this.’’

Sunday’s leading swimming results at the Australian Olympic Youth Festival in Sydney:


50 freestyle: 1. Luke Kerswell, Australia, 23.10; 2. James Robert, Australia, 23.27; James Sweeeney, Australia, 23.67; 6. James Kendrick, Calgary, 24.91.

200 breaststroke: 1. Kenneth To, Australia, 2:18.99; 2. Masaya Kano, Japan, 2:19.99; 3. Nicholas Schafer, Australia, 2:20.00; 4. Zachary Somjen, Vancouver, 2:24.03; 7. Braeden Newton, St. Albert, Alta., 2:41.37.

200 individual medley: 1. Kenneth To,, Australia, 2:04.03; 2. Daniel Tranter, Australia, 2:06.86; 3. David Dimitrov, Calgary, 2:07.47; 8. Braeden Newton, St. Albert, Alta., 2:16.54.

1,500 freestyle: 1. Chad Bobrosky, Calgary, 15:50.04; 2. Yunqi Li, China, 15:53.60; 3. Sam Sheppard, Australia, 15:57.21.

4X100 medley relay: 1. Australia, 3:46.86; 2. Australia, 3:49.33; 3. Japan, 3:53.21; Canada (Graham Hawes, Toronto; Zachary Somjen, Vancouver; Karl Wolk Calgary; James Kendrick, Calgary) disqualified.


50 freestyle: 1. Bronte Campbell, Australia, 26.19; 2. Chantal Van Landeghem, Winnipeg, 26.30; 3. Phoebe Cater, Australia, 26.49; 4. Tess Simpson, Ingleside, Ont., 26.69.

200 breaststroke: 1. Chelsey Salli, Langley, B.C., 2:30.24; 2. Saya Kuroiwa, Japan, 2:31.45; 3. Miyu Otsuka, Japan, 2:31.97; 4. Bronwyn Pasloski, Whitehorse, 2:32.40.

200 individual medley: 1. Jessica Legge, Australia, 2:17.52; 2. Katie Goldman, Australia, 2:17.71; 3. Anastasia Osadchuk, Australia, 2:19.02; 6. Hilary Bell, Toronto, 2:21.68; 8. Dominique Bouchard, North Bay, Ont., 2:23.48.

4X100 medley relay: 1. Australia, 4:11.13; 2. Canada (Tess Simpson, Ingleside, Ont.; Marie-Soleil Jean-Lachapelle, Montreal; Brenna MacLean, Vancouver; Chantal Van Landeghem, Winnipeg) 4:12.26; 3. Australia, 4:12.32.

800 freestyle: 1. Kelly Marquenie, Australia, 8:49.17; 2. Jessica Ashwood, Australia, 8:49.73; 3. Alannah Jury, New Zealand, 8:50.62; 4. Beatrice Pineau, Boischatel, Que., 8:59.74; 5. Bobbie Mielnichuk, Edmonton, 9:08.77.