Courtesy of Swim Ontario

Toronto – Ontario swimmers contributed to the buzz of excitement during the five day Canadian Spring National Championships held at the University of Toronto breaking 40 provincial (PROV), 17 national age group (NAG) and 3 Canadian records and seeing two athletes, Zsofi Balazs of TSC and Bridget Coley of HAC being named to the World Championship team in open water.

The top ranked Ontario team was Etobicoke Swimming placing 5th overall. Many of the weekend’s notable performances came from ESWIM athletes. These included 15 year old Amanda Reason’s gold in the women’s 50 breast in a Canadian record time of 29.96, and silver in the women’s 100 breast eclipsing both the PROV 15-18 and NAG 15-17 female records in 1:06.85; Hassaan Abdel-Khalik broke a total of five PROV male 15-18 and five NAG 15-17 records over the course of the weekend including the 100 free in 48.79, the 200 free in 1:45.47(in both prelims and finals), and silver medal victories in the 400 free in 3:45.65 and the 1500 free in 14:57.11; Heather MacLean also won silver in the 200 free breaking the female PROV 15-18 and NAG 15-17 records in 1:56.72 and broke her own 100 free PROV and NAG records in 54.49; teammate Jacqueline Keire broke four 13& 14 female PROV records, twice in the 200 free in 1:59.24 (also a NAG record), the 400 free in 4:13.85, the 800 free in 8:43.87 and the 1500 free in 16:35.38

Etobicoke Swimming also broke records and stepped to the podium in numerous relays: On the women’s side – 4×50 FR team of Reason, Lauren Earp, Keire and H. MacLean won silver in a new NAG and PROV 15-18 record time of 1:42.23; 4×50 MR team of Brittany MacLean, Reason, Tasha Truscott, and H. MacLean won bronze in a new 15-17 female NAG record of 1:52.85; 4×100 MR team of B. MacLean, Reason, Truscott and H. MacLean claimed silver and PROV records in the women’s 15-18 and open categories in 4:04.57 the 4×100 FR team of Lauren Earp, Keire, Reason and H. MacLean raced to bronze in 3:41.79; 4×200 FR team of – Earp, Keire, B. MacLean, and H. MacLean broke the 15-17 NAG record placing foruth in 8:01.06. On the men’s side – 4×50 FR team of Addel-Khalik, Will Wright, Gleb Svorov and Bogdan Knezevic broke the 15-18 PROV record in 1:32.17 placing seventh.

Joe Bartoch, of London, one of Ontario and Canada’s veteran National Team and Beijing team members, raced to an exciting gold medal victory and Canadian record breaking performance in the 50 fly finals, eclipsing his morning record of 23.33 in 23.31.
He also won the 100 butterfly in 51.75, both a pool record as well as an Ontario provincial record in the senior male category.

Colin Russell of Dolphins Swimming, another Beijing Olympian challenged Brent Hayden (UBC) for gold in two exciting races. In the 100 free, on Canadian record pace, Russell won silver in 46.94 and in the 200 free, again under Canadian record pace, Russell earned silver in 1:42.87. Russell’s sister Sinead (DS) also stepped to the podium capturing a bronze medal in the women’s 100 backstroke.

Illustrating their distance expertise, Balazs and Coley raced to podium performances in the 1500 freestyle with Balazs taking the silver, breaking a 16 year old 15-18 and senior provincial record in 16:22.10 and Coley winning bronze in 16:31.89.

Highlights from other Ontario swimmers included:

100 back – Nick Karpov (TSC), NAG(15-17) & PROV(15-18) – 54.13

200 back – Jessica Craig (EBSC/UCSC) Bronze – 2:07.91
Keith Beavers (ROW) – Silver – 1:54.83
Matthew Swanston (NEW) – Bronze – 1:55.83
Annie Harrison (OAK) – NAG & PROV (13&14) – 2:10.20.

50 breast: Tera Van Beilen (OAK), Bronze -30.85
Warren Barnes (SCAR) Bronze – 27.72.

100 breast: Warren Barnes (SCAR), Bronze – 1:00.66

200 breast: Marco Monaco (TSC), Bronze – 2:11.09
Julie Calvert (OAK), PROV(15-18) – 2:28.84
50 fly – Paige Miller (COBRA) Bronze – 26.75

200 fly: Zack Chetrat (OAK/UT) Silver, NAG(15-17), PROV(15-18) -1:55.83

200 IM: Paige Schultz (TSC) Silver, NAG(15-17), PROV(15-18) – 2:11.72
Marni Oldershaw (OAK) NAG & PROV (13&14) – 2:15.23
Keith Beavers (ROW) Silver – 1:55.98
Andrew Ford (GMAC) Bronze – 2:00.05

400 IM: Marni Oldershaw (OAK) NAG & PROV(13&14) – 4:43.14
Andrew Ford (GMAC) Silver – 4:12.70

4×50 FR – TSC – Martyn Forde, Terrence Haynes, Mingkwang Shu and Jeffrey Sudbury – Silver, breaking a 19 year old provincial senior men’s record in 1:27.74.

4 x 50 MR – TSC – Nick Karpov, Minkwang Shu, Serguei Bagrianski, Jeffrey Sudbury – Silver – SEN PROV – 1:38.91