Canadian EventingOctober 7, 2011—The Canadian Eventing Committee (CEC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2011 elections for Committee members. The composition of the CEC in 2012 (effective November 2011) is as follows



Chair Peggy Hambly Third term 2011–2013
Athlete Development Martha Griggs First term 2011–2013
Officials & Rules Jo Young Third term 2011–2013
Secretary Pam Macintosh Third term 2011–2013
Coaching Ian Roberts Elected via acclimation for second term 2012–2014
High Performance Grit High Elected via acclimation for one year term 2012–2013
Finance Kurt Thoms Elected via acclimation for third term 2012–2014
Congress Vice Chair Charles Baudinet Elected via acclimation for one year term 2012–2013
Elite Riders Representative Rebecca Howard Elected by Elite Riders’ Association
Elite Riders Representative Kyle Carter Elected by Elite Riders’ Association
Competitions Pam Macintosh First term 2012–2014

Equine Canada, Manager Eventing, Fleur Tipton (ex officio)

The CEC acknowledges, with thanks Ian Roberts, Kurt Thoms for agreeing to serve another full term on the committee and also Grit High and Charles Baudinet for agreeing to serve another one year term on the committee.

The CEC expresses sincere gratitude to outgoing committee member Julie Johansson (Competitions Committee) for her years of voluntary service and commitment to the eventing program.

Unfortunately no nominations were received for the position of Chair of Competitions. The CEC thanks Pam Macintosh who has agreed, with the approval of the CE Nominations Committee to assume the responsibility for chairing the Competitions Committee while serving the final year of her third term as secretary.