Bright Future For Late Models

Langford (ISN) – There is a concentrated effort to revive Late Model Stock Car racing at Western Speedway for 2012. Following a successful ASA Advance Testing Tour Canada 200, held on September 3rd, there was an announcement that Western Speedway will host a four day, eight race event over a period of four months with a substantial payout that should make it attractive for all Late Model drivers and teams.It all started several years ago when the Katana Boat Sportsman Tour ran at several tracks throughout British Columbia and became a hit when thirty plus cars qualified to run at some of the tracks. In 2011, the American Speed Association took over as the sanctioning body and ran six races that included Vernon’s Motoplex Speedway, Saratoga Speedway, Penticton Speedway for a two day show, Agassiz Speedway, and Western Speedway for their Championship night. One race was cancelled at Thunder Mountain Speedway. Tom Berrow, Brandon Carlson, Dave Hemrich, and Geoff Morris each won one event while Korbin Thomas won the first event at Penticton and then at Western Speedway. Geoff Morris accumulated enough points throughout the year and won the season’s Championship with a second place finish on his home track. This also proved to be very successful with twenty plus cars running for the prestigious Canada 200. Most of the cars were able to be loaded on trailers with very little damage done other than maybe a few tire rubs.

The new proposal is to run eight races over four nights with two fifty lap Feature events per night. They will not conflict with any ASA sanctioned event and will be sometime in May, June, July, and August with a possible rain date in September. The payout is reported to be $10,000.00 points payout on a per point basis. Kustom Pro Drywall will make $100.00 payout for fast time, Steve Copp Construction will payout $100.00 for hard charger, there is a $50.00 payout per heat winner from L.D. Racecars as well as $125.00 payout per car per night making these events quite attractive. Common BC Late Model rules will apply as well as group qualifying, a lucky dog, cone restarts, a cost efficient tire rule, plus more to be determined. There is an independant race director and tech that is not connected to any team or driver so the rules will be administered fairly for everyone involved. There is a need to build the Late Model Series and Daryl Crocker, Bill Smith, and Steve Copp are spearheading these events to do just that forwarding ideas, time, and, of course, the payouts.

Driver reaction shows approval as Brandon Carlson says: “Im so stoked! twin mains are a great idea…. the two races really let the teams play with the set ups in the cars if your off a little bit in the first race …. you can make adjustments for the second race and try again.”

Rory Smith agrees that this will be a great improvement in Late Model racing as he says: “I think it’s a great idea. Hopefully more cars, maybe some from the mainland come over. The tire rule was a big issue this year and that has been solved for next year. Two main events each night is a new format, also group qualifying and bonus money for fast time, heat race win and hard charger. I think it was time for a bit of a change to get this class back were it should be”. Doug Richens says: “I think it’ll be and awesome idea. It give us Late Model drivers more seat time in races.”

Darrell Midgley, driver and track promotor says: “I think it is a great idea. It will be good for the Late Model Series and may be an incentive to attract Late Model drivers from the Lower Mainland.” Al Bland, crew chief of Wade Bland’s #07 car, also feels this will be good for the Late Model Series. “The Canada 200 was one of the best run shows I have been involved with and each driver showed respect for the others. This will go along way to keep that respect.” he says.

The main goal is to accomodate all BC Late Models and promote and bring back a strong Late Model show to Vancouver Island. There will be updates on local race sites and news media as time goes forward but for any questions you can contact Daryl Crocker, Steve Copp, or Bill Smith.

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