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ISN welcomes articles from registered contributors!

Here is some guidance to help make your article “pop”.

The ISN website uses the JCE content editor (above).  If you have drafted your article in Microsoft Word or some other desktop-based rich text editor, please copy and paste it into the JCE panel below as plain text.

The reason is that rich text attributes from proprietary editors do not play well across different browsers and platforms (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile devices, etc.). 


Insert your headline into the title box.

Make your byline the first line of copy in the JCE content panel (above),  no ‘return’ above your byline please.

Mark up your text using the JCE text editor (bold, italic, etc. as required).

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If you are creating hyperlinks, please use external links only and use the full URL (e.g., http://www.yoursite.ca)


We encourage you to insert one or more images (your own work or royalty-free images only). 

When you click on the ‘Insert/Edit Image” icon, a popup box will appear.  Select the image you want from your image directory set up by ISN under the ‘submissions’ folder and edit the image properties in the upper panel of the popup.


Images may be positioned left or right of the text and may also be hyperlinked. If you are including a thumbnail image in your lead paragraph, please size it to no more than 120px wide.  You can insert it at a larger size lower in the article.  The purpose of this request is so that it displays well in the category ‘blog’ format that will contain the thumbnail image, first part of the lead paragraph and a “readmore” tag that can be clicked to open the full article. 

Don’t forget to set image alignment (usually left or right) and margins (padding – right and below for left-aligned images, left and below for right-aligned images.  A 10px margin – just enter ’10’ – in each box is recommended).  Clear the ‘Equal Values’ checkbox on the right of the Margin line to enter individual margins.

bchlHere (left) is an example of a properly sized and formatted thumbnail image. It was placed at the start of this paragraph, sized to 120 wide, left justified and used a margin of 10 pixels.

For placing main images into your story, please submit images that are 590 pixels or larger and then ensure that they are sized to no more that 590 pixels wide in the image manager.  Leave the “Proportional” check box ticked and the height of the photo will be automatically calculated.

Please insert images between paragraphs and try to sequence them in keeping with the story line if applicable.  If you use images that are 590 pixels wide there will be no need to justify them as they will span the full width of the article column.

When you are satisfied with each image’s settings, click the ‘insert’ or ‘update’ button (popup, bottom right)

Image captions should be inserted immediately below the image and can simply be a bold/italic version of the normal text.  In your caption, please try and identify any visible person, or the key person in the photo and provide a brief description of the action or context. If you are using photos that you did not take, or are inserting photos into someone else’s story, please provide a photo credit in brackets at the end of the caption.  If you are writing the story and providing photos, you can leave this out as long as you have put “Story and Photos by XXXXXX in your by-line at start of story.   Here is an example:

IMG 2349
Saanich Brave forward James Kellington jockeys for position in front of Kerry Park goaltender Jesse Jenks during the Braves 4-3 loss to the Islanders on Friday evening (Photo by Christian J. Stewart)

Don’t worry about how the caption text looks in the editor as it will wrap normally in the published article.



We encourage you to keep your paragraphs short and use paragraph headings (styled with the Heading4 dropdown menu).  Please don’t insert any extra line returns below paragraph headings.

Special Tags

Immediately below the content input panel, you will see several tag buttons like this:

content tags

Please do not use the Image, Pagebreak or RokGallery tags!

The Read More tag is very important to enable your article intro to appear properly in a category blog layout.  Assuming you have a thumbnail image to start your lead, position your cursor 20-25 words into the lead and click the “Read More” tag.  This will position a horizontal line across the content panel under the thumbnail and intro text.  This is what will apear in the blog layout.  Do not add any extra returns either after the intro text or below the “ReadMore” bar.  Try to place this tag in a logical spot, e.g at the end of a sentence that provides a concise summary of the event you are writing about. 

Note there is also a button in the JCE editor toolbar (second from right on bottom row) for inserting the readmore tag.

Using the Multicategories tag, select the cross-categories where your article should be listed in blog format. Hold down the Control (CRTL) key on your keyboard while you click mutliple categories. There is no need to repeat the primary publishing category (below) from this dropdown.


Select the primary section (usually “Sports”) and primary category (usually a sport e.g. hockey) from the Section and Category dropdown menus.  NOTE:  If you wish your article to appear on the Home Page, your primary section should be SPORTS and the Category should be LOCAL. Otherwise it will not show up on home page.

Leave the other Publishing selections as they are.


Please enter as you wish.  Keywords are highly recommended and should be separated by a comma.


Complete your submission by clicking the “Save” button at the top right of the form.

Add Control Properties (CP) Tags (applies only to administrators)

After you have saved your article, select “Edit” from the Contributors Menu and you will see a new button to the right of the Multicategories button named CP Tags.  The additional classifications you select from the dropdown menus will help viewers to find your articles using multiple criteria in the “News Search” panel.  This will greatly improve your readership!