Brent Mutis

It’s the British Columbia Hockey League’s Celebration Weekend this Friday and Saturday and all 16 teams have embraced the challenge of packing their arenas for their respective home games.

KidSport, the charity selected by the league for the upcoming weekend, will receive part proceeds from the various auctions and raffles being held at the rinks. BCHL teams have arranged an array of ticket deals, alumni appearances and giveaways for fans as well as the league recognizes its half-century of hockey

“Our team marketers and sales people have really embraced this challenge and come up with some great ideas to promote their teams and the history of their franchises and the league,” said BCHL communications director Brent Mutis. “I’m impressed with the initiative shown by our teams and hope fans get on board with the festivities too.”

Anyone looking to get involved can simply visit www.bchl.ca for the weekend schedule or call their favourite team’s front office for offers their team has in the works.

Also available at all BCHL rinks this weekend is the 50th Season Commemorative Edition of Smart Hockey Magazine and limited edition ‘BCHL 50’ T-shirts.

Finally, don’t forget to vote for the BCHL’s all-time team. Voting wraps Thursday, Nov. 24 in the morning and the top-50 vote-getters will be revealed during Celebration Weekend.