Tali Campbell

Two teams undefeated collided in the Senior Double A Subway Bowl Championship Game. The John Barsby Bulldogs taking on the Mission Roadrunners. After last year’s sad defeat over Roadrunners 28-0 in the Semi Finals by the Bulldogs, Mission knew they only had one thing to do, and was redeem themselves this year.

Roadrunners opened the game with a touchdown by Forcier, which was followed by an early touchdown by the Bulldogs Brodie Virtanen, who busted up the middle to get the touchdown. Both point afters were in completed to not the game up at 6 apiece.

Forcier went at it again, with the opening drive of the second half who went wide off the tackle to bring the Roadrunners back in the lead 13-6, which was followed Erik DiGuistini 21-yard field goal to take a bigger lead of 16-6.

The Dogs still had some roar in them, when fullback Dexter Shea fought his way through many Roadrunners to get a touchdown, with the point after incomplete.

At this time the Dogs only had so much in them, but the Roadrunners stopped them play, after play to take the championships away from them! The Mission Roadrunners win by a score of 16-12.

Grade 11 student James Robinson who is Left Guard, said they played a great game, but made silly mistakes “We shut out their run game and drove the ball up the field, but broken pass coverage and penalties which ended up causing us the game.” Robinson went on to note “We will pick up from where we left off and use this game as inspiration to get better in the off season so we can be even better next year!”

Defensive Back Coach Jones said it was a really tough loss to swallow “Very heartfelt disappointment for that group of grade 12’s who have continued to amaze me throughout their John Barsby Football Careers. I was sad but also filled with a proud heart as I know they left it all out on the filled and gave it their personal best.”

#44, Dexter Shea describes the feeling at BC Place incredible! Shea wanted to make a note to the grade 12’s who are leaving “I love them all, and it was great to play with them. I only wish I could play more football with them, but I learned a lot from them over the years!”

PERSONAL NOTE: As from a fan in the stands, I watched these guys play their hearts out. From the start of the game, they fought through every play like it was their last, they played Barsby football! It was a great game, and you all made us proud. I must also say Barsby Dancers rocked the halftime show, you also make our school proud!