33 dejon lynch goes up to knock this ball away - erich eichhorn photo www.allsportmedia.ca

Story and photos by Eric Eichhorn (www.allsportmedia.ca)

John Barbsy JV football team returned to the place where they became last years 2010 BC AA JV Football Champions Saturday. In front of a section full of ruckus supporters, the JV team repeated as the 2011 AA JV Provincial Football champions, defeating the Mission Roadrunners.


John Barsby started the game coming out of the gates one step position often, as the Roadrunners would dominate field position early capping off their opening drive with a 47 yard running play to draw 1st blood with a touch down at the 10:37 mark of the first quarter. Barsby would give up field position often, as the defense would allow the Roadrunners to keep their drive alive, allowing 3rd down conversions. The Roadrunners would add another touchdown on a 34-yard pass and run play with 3:18 remaining in the first quarter for a 14-0 lead.

The Bulldogs started to find their legs half way through the second quarter as their defensive line started to gel, penning in the Roadrunners in the own end of the field. John Barsby would finally take it to the “house” at the 8:15 mark as #33 Dejon Lynch would take it in from the 1-yard line. They would add a 2-point conversion to pull within 6 points of Roadrunners. Much to the relief of all the fans that made their way across the water from Nanaimo, the Bulldogs would add another touchdown by #8 Nick Johnson, and two-point conversion with only 2:25 left in the half to take the lead 16-14.

33 dejon lynch was in disbelief that he is a champion - erich eichhorn photo  www.allsportmedia.ca

#33 Dejon Lynch was in disbelief that he is a champion

34 rb kyle vollet puts on the brakes as teamate 54 tyler hill gives him some space with a low block - erich eichhorn photo  www.allsportmedia.ca

#34 RB Kyle Vollet puts on the brakes as teamate #54 Tyler Hill gives him some space with a low block

42 justin cook almost comes away with the interception - erich eichhorn photo  www.allsportmedia.ca

#42 Justin Cook almost comes away with the interception

bc provincial champions jv john barsby bulldogs - erich eichhorn photo  www.allsportmedia.ca

BC Provincial Champions JV John Barsby Bulldogs

Coming out of the locker room in the third period the Roadrunners tried to once again establish their running game but this time it was apparent that what ever was broken in the 1st quarter was now fixed. With the Roadrunners knocking on the Bulldogs 19 yard line, Bulldogs # 22 Brandon Parker read the play beautifully and stepped in front of a Roadrunner pass and ran it back to their 45 yard line to extinguish the scoring threat.

The Bulldogs looked to have the game in the bag as #22 Brandon Parker would be the recipient of a 60-yard scamper for a touchdown with 2:38 remaining. Mission would accept the challenge a push back with time counting down, marching down the field and camping on the Bulldogs 21 yard line. The Roadrunner’s #18 Evan Horton would make it a game with only 1:55 remaining and needing a two point convert to tie the game. But that was not to be as Roadrunners would suffer a time count penalty and then be caught behind the line of scrimmage on an attempted QB draw. The Bulldogs made it inviting by allowing the Roadrunners one last attempt when the Roadrunners recovered their own on-side kick with 1:52 remaining, but that was all the Bulldogs needed as their defense gave one last push to stop the advance, and becoming the 2011 Provincial AA JV champs.

Congratulations Bulldogs!!