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Paul Eby


Sunday, the 3rds hosted Cowichan in a semi-final leading to the Island Championship.

The result was very similar to last week’s regular season match against the Piggies, with a 38-7 victory for Velox. Tries were scored by Vath, Griko, Barney, Jamie Dark, Joe McDonough, and Peter Collins, along with 4 converts from Barney. Man of the match honors went to Griko and Joe.

With that victory, the 3rds on Sunday are off to defend the Island Championship (following victories in the Spring 2010, Fall 2010, and Spring 2011). Comox, undefeated for the season, has earned home field advantage though. 3rds making the trip should try to make the team run on Wednesday evening (7-8pm), and meet the bus at the club at 8am Sunday morning.


The weekend didn’t go quite so well for our juniors, losing 47-0 to Bayside. Still, the boys can be proud of their Island Championship, and the club looks forward to seeing them again next fall.

NSWT: 7’s

Canada women’s 7’s went undefeated last week in Dubai to claim the Cup in the first IRB sanctioned women’s tournament. It’s a tremendous achievement, made even better knowing that two Velox women were on the squad: Jess Dovanne and Barbara Mervin. Congratulations to both of you!