Story and Photos by Richard Hyde

Atom hockey is a transition year for sure. Kids who have been on skates for years find other sports and new kids find the desire to suit up and get onto the ice. Peninsula Eagles C2 are no exception. There are kids who are first year of hockey and doing really well and there are some who were missed through the selection process that really should be playing at a better standard. I’m a firm believer that kids will play up to meet better kids standards, but conversely this can work the other way around too.

This season to date Peninsula C2 have had a very rocky ride. Their first tiering game was a dream result, a great win for PC2. The next several tiering games and the official start to the season saw hefty losses for the boys on PC2. We were short of players too. Alex Pocetti was lost to injury until the new year and one child moved away. Thankfully we picked up two new team members in early November and boy what a difference they made to team morale. Or should I say “Girl” what a difference they made to team morale. Cassidy Pelton and Sinead Robbins joined us from the girls team and fitted in really well with the group. They are both such well rounded players they were able to help lift many of the players to achieve more of themselves, which was a great bonus.




The team as a whole have improved greatly in November but still lacked the boost of a game win. Last weekend, Dec 10 the team travelled to Sooke for a very humiliating defeat to Sooke C1. A team totally in the wrong division. 22- 0 was the score. Sooke C1 definitely should have been placed in the next division up. PC2 had nothing in reply to the masterclass in hockey Sooke C1 displayed. However this week we had a great practice and got ready to host Sooke C2, a team that had beaten us 7 – 0 earlier in the fall. But maybe things would be different for the re-match?

Right from the face off it was clear PC2 and Sooke C2 were very evenly matched. Both teams rushing up and down the ice exhibiting great offence and defence skills. Both goalies were playing really well and were well supported by their “D” men. At the end of the first period the score was 0 – 0 and truly you could not separate the teams for effort. However a star performance in the PC2 net was in the making. Will Tamburino one of the more regular PC2 goalies was playing out of his skin. He stopped several very good onslaughts by the Sooke side in the first period, assisted my his “D” men for sure. Will stopped everything and prevented the rebound which can be dangerous at this level of play.


The second period was almost a carbon copy of the first with both teams rushing on their offensive targets. Again both goalies came up trumps but Will Tamburino was definitely a full length in the lead this period with several spectacular saves. Two certain Sooke goals were stopped with ease by Will. One puck was caught glove side to the Ohh’s and Aww’s of both sets of supporters. PC2 defence man Joseph Hyde gave his all today too sacrificing everything to stop the very determined Sooke side from getting a shot on goal. The second saw the score remain 0 – 0. PC2 were in with a real chance of ending the year on a very positive note.


Coach Ray and James gave the team a very encouraging briefing to ready them for the third. The Eagles cheer had not been this loud for some time…….

Period three was again a great even period for play. Cassidy Pelton made a trip to the penalty box this period for hooking, a call more of momentum than intent…but her team killed the penalty with ease and 5 on 5 hockey resumed. PC2 then earned a penalty too with their do or die defence man, Joseph Hyde being steamrollered by one of the Sooke players. An unintentional play again but clearly a penalty in the referee’s view. Joseph picked himself up, shook his head and smiled at the inquiring coaches from the PC2 bench. He was clearly fine from his experience. Play restarted and PC2 set about taking advantage of the “Man Advantage”. The puck found its way to Joseph Hyde who, bearing it in mind was playing “D” skated through the Sooke defence passed the puck off and was eventually assisted by Cassidy Pelton in scoring the only goal of the game.


Sooke with 6 minutes left were clearly not going to be beaten lightly. They threw everything at PC2. Will Tamburino came up with save after save to keep Sooke at bay. Another glove side save that was for sure destined for the net was snagged with ease in mid air by young Will. One fan could be heard shouting a variation of the Canucks “Looooooou” when Will made that save. The Eagles’ parents were on their feet now as the game drew to a close. In the last 2 minutes Sooke pulled their goalie but could not produce results. PC2 twice missed the open net.

The final buzzer brought a rush on PC2’s net from all the team. Will Tamburino had a smile like a Cheshire cat on his face as the team swarmed around him. He thoroughly deserved the praise and earned himself the Gold training jersey for next practice……..Way to go Peninsula C2.

Eagles 1 – Thunderbirds 0. This was a great team effort by Peninsula Eagles C2 and every player had a hand in Sunday’s great victory. Closing for the holiday season with a great win will spur this team onto good things in the New Year……