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From Paul Eby

The Velox Rubgy Club wishes all the best to everyone over the Holiday season and see you in the New Year.

During this season of Giving your support is greatly appreciated.

Christmas Tree Recycling


The junior rugby program is continuing it’s tradition of offering Christmas tree recycling. You can bring your tree to the club parking lot on Saturday, January 8th, or Sunday, January 9th, from 11am to 3pm. They will be accepting donations towards junior rugby at the club.

Supporting National Women’s Teams With Aeroplan Points

The club is fortunate to have a handful of our women playing for Canada, both in 15’s and 7’s. Funding for them isn’t great though: they regularly have to pay their own money to represent Canada. One way for you to help is through a targeted donation of your Aeroplan points. This program is only open until the end of December, but you can select which Rugby Canada program you wish to support. For more information, follow the link: