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Chanelle Biggan

The biggest part of my life since I was only 6 years old has been one of the most rewarding, memorable and exciting journeys.

Sports have always been a passion of mine, but figure skating takes the cake. I started skating with the Juan De Fuca figure skating club and began my competitive career at the age of 13. I skated competitive singles for 5 years, and then turned to competitive ice dance for 3 years. During my 14 years of skating, I have been able to attain all gold levels in the four disciplines of figure skating: Free skate, interpretive, dance and skills. I have also volunteered at my home club (JDF) in teaching younger skaters through the Canskate and junior programs. When I’m coaching, I see a little of myself in the kids and appreciate the fact of how grateful I am to my coaches for getting me to where I am today with Disney On Ice.

The sacrifices made through my years of skating were tough, but worth every moment. Skating in the early hours of every morning before school, to working till very late at night with two jobs, made qualifying for Nationals that much more satisfying. After high school, I worked many different jobs to be able to continue my competitive skating career. It wasn’t until my dance partner and I decided to part ways and pursue other options. This was an unfortunate blow for me as the amount of effort I had put in was immense. But I soon learned there is more than just the “Olympics” for skaters. I applied for Disney On Ice only as a long shot, and expected nothing much back for a while. A month later I received the call and I was off to start my new job with Disney On Ice in August of 2011. The experience has been incredible so far and I cannot say enough good things about the company. I am however only touring for one year with Disney in order to attend college back home in Victoria BC next fall of 2012. I am looking forward to more events and experiences on this tour, but I am also excited to start the Diploma in Sport Performance program at Camosun College in hopes of the potential to become a personal trainer or coach.