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 Tali Campbell

It was a showdown as the Ladysmith 49’ers played a visit to Barsby in Senior Boys Basketball action.


The first quarter it was a slow scoring game, but Blazers took 4 fouls, resulting in 4 points for the 49’ers, Ronal Finne added a basket, and Tanner Gresmalk also added a basket for the 49’ers while Robert Morris got the only two baskets for Barsby to make it a 8-4 ball game.

In the second it was much of the same, Barsby fouled out, 49’ers put 4 fouls on the board ( Barsby got 3 points of the fouls, while 49’ers got 4) Nate Berg, Jason Jia and Austin Lyle all got a basket, while on the other side of the court Ronal Finne added another along with Tanner Gresmalk, Devon Geary and number 11, to make the score 23-13 49’ers.

Throughout the 3rd quarter much of the same game, Jordan Kuziek and Robert Morris from the Blazers were thrown out, and more fouls came. The big highlight of the 3rd was when Blazer’s Austin Lyle netted the only 3 pointer. At the end of the 3rd it was 38-28 49’ers.

As everyone thought the Blazers were catching up, they were thrown down by the 49’ers in the 4th. At the end of the game it was 65-40 49’ers.

Tanner Gresmalk was the star of the game for Ladysmith, while Robert Morris had the potential to be the star before being kicked out of the game, so Barsby’s star goes to Jason Jia!