Tali Campbell

As tempatures hit below the freezing mark at John Barsby School, however the players inside were on fire.

Throughout most of the game the Kondors and Blazers remained within a few baskets of each other, but fouls really blew the game for the Blazers.

# 11, Kevin Frampton of the Kondors scored 20 points all together, while Jordan Kuziek of the Blazers scored 19 (most off of foul shots) and Austin Lyle had two 2 pointers in the game.

But, fouls got the most of both teams – # 8 Nick Wassbaner, Kondors got ejected on a technical foul, and Robert Morris of the Blazers ejected for to many fouls. This game was a rough one, with a few extra pushes, and shoves after the whistle.

At the end Kondors came on top 52-38!

Jordan Kuziek is getting my star of the game, and for the Kondors Kevin Frampton!



Jordan Kuziek gets my star of the game


Kevin Frampton with another foul shot

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Teams shake hands after the game