Brent Mutis

In October and November, fans voted by the thousands to name the top-50 players in the British Columbia Hockey League’s 50-year history.

Now, the league is asking for more votes to name the top “Player of the Decade” from each of the 111060s, 111070s, 111080s, 11101100s and 2000s.

From today until the end of the regular season, fans can vote at by clicking on the “VOTE HERE” graphic. Fans must check one name per decade to submit their ballot.

“We had a great response to our first round of voting leading into our Celebration Weekend back in November,” said BCHL communications director Brent Mutis. “Now, we’re looking to narrow it down a little further; hopefully we get another great show of participation from fans as we honour past players.”

The BCHL regular season ends on Sunday, March 11. The list of five names will be unveiled on the first night of the playoffs which is Friday, March 16.

If you have any further questions, please contact the BCHL via the information below.


Brent Mutis

Communications director

British Columbia Hockey League