Nicole Betker

The University of Saskatchewan Huskie wrestling team returned with 11 medals from the University of Winnipeg Open Saturday.

Leading the way with gold medals were veteran athletes Natasha Kramble, Kathleen Kent and Landon Squires. Kramble took the gold in the 51-kg, Kent in the 63-kg and Squires finished first in the 90-kg.

Koren Pitkethly (59-kg), Amy Dunn (82-kg) and Dylan Bray (57-kg) all earned silver medals for the Huskies, while Melanie Haanen (82-kg), Chad Caron (54-kg) and Theo Dow (61-kg) won bronze.

Other Huskies competing were Blake Pritchard (sixth, 68-kg), Shiva Mysore (sixth, 130-kg) and Jacob Phillips (fourth, 130-kg).

Another group of Huskies were competing in Calgary at the Christine Nordhagen Open and returned from Day 1 of the competition with two medals.

Silke Svenkeson (51-kg) and Drew Kuhn (59-kg) each earned silver medals. Hannah Franson (55-kg) finished fourth, Lisa Brise (63-kg) in fifth and Katie Dutchak (48-kg) in sixth. The group will compete again Sunday in Day 2 of competiton. On both days of competition the Huskies were competiting against international athletes.