Louise Hodgson-Jones

 Andrea Carey and Andie Pask from the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE), Victoria, BC will be two of the presenters at the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) National Summit, in Ottawa from February 1 – 2. Their presentation will be Implementing CS4L in Community Programming, using the programming that PISE has built their reputation on as an example of how to engage all ages and abilities in the CS4L model.

LTAD is a structured pathway that follows CS4L principles to optimize development of movement skills at all stages of an individual’s development. While LTAD is common in most sports, Carey and Pask will explain how to implement plans and use the model as a marketing tool to attract all ages and abilities to your program or facility. Both Carey and Pask are active at PISE and in their community promoting LTAD, Carey as Director of Operations and Community Engagement, and Pask as Physical Literacy Coordinator.

“We will discuss as well as explore how to build programming on physical literacy, and how by using physical literacy as a catalyst, we can attach programs to the appropriate LTAD stages, and give individuals their best chance to be successful at sport or being active for life. We want to encourage people to choose activity over screen time, and to have the skills and confidence to partake in any activity that interests them. We also want to educate parents on the principles of LTAD, and the hurdles to marketing CS4L within your community offerings,” explained Carey. The presentation will also focus on how you can use CS4L to build bridges into recreation, health and education. “We all want the same thing – to have healthy, active Canadians – and physical literacy is a language that everyone can relate to and be engaged in. We are talking about the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. No matter what your activity background – we can relate to that language and find ways to work together to create opportunities to improve those skills in all ages and abilities.”

The Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) National Summit brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. For more information on the summit go to: For more information on physical literacy visit or