Ken Keating

Street Stock drivers in BC will have something new to look forward to in 2012 with the formation of the new BC Street Stock Drivers Challenge. The inaugural season will see a four race series between Penticton Speedway and Western Speedway. The series should bring the top teams from all over the province to do battle and crown the best Street Stock driver in BC.

The four race series will start at Penticton Speedway on August 4th and 5th for the running of the Gordie Mannes Memorial weekend and end at Western Speedway in Victoria on August 24th and 25th in conjunction with the prestigious, Reg Midgley Memorial Canada 200. Both tracks will use identical formats. Qualifying, trophy dashes, heat races and a 75 lap main event will be run on the first night; the second night will see points from the previous night determine the lineup for trophy dashes, heat race and 75 lap main event.

The overall winner of each weekend will be determined by the driver accumulating the highest number of points for the two days. The two day event will pay $1000.00 to win! The remainder of the payout and point structure is currently being worked out and will be released in the near future.

The rules for the series will see cars from each track use their own track rules, with the exception of three common rules that all cars will be required to meet. Weight: The total weight will be 3200 lbs, with 55% maximum left side weight and 48% maximum rear weight, at the end of the race. Crate Motor Gear Rule: You have to match Penticton, or Western Speedway track rules as they apply to crate motors. If you run the Penticton restrictor plate then there is no gear rule. If you choose the bigger plate of Western then you must use the Western Speedway gear rule. There will be a 5500 chip rule for all Crate engine cars. Tires: Hoosier 970 or American Racer P265. Tire testing will be performed and a weight penalty will be enforced if either tire is faster than the other.

For more information please contact:

Johnny Aantjes

Brian Poppe

George Wade

Daryl Crocker