Nicole Betker

100 memories… 100 moments… 100 Years of Huskie Athletics

Each Monday, Huskie Athletics will release a series of moments with the Top 10 being released at the Huskie Centennial Reunion Banquet March 31. Dig into your memory bank and share your greatest Huskie memories, stories, and photos because We Are All Huskies!

Videos for the moments can be viewed here:

Moment #81 – All In The Family

This sports story from the University of Saskatchewan can be called All in the Family. Tom Chad and his wife Sheila both won major awards with the Huskies in the’70s, Tom for his accomplishments both as a defensive back and sprinter, Sheila in track and field. A generation later, their daughter Jennifer ran on the Huskies cross-country team. On game days in the 1990s, Tom, Sheila and Jennifer sat together at Griffiths Stadium to watch Tony – Tom and Sheila’s son – play running back. Tony twice won the Vanier Cup with the Huskies.

Moment #85 – The Love Connection

Don Clark of the University of Saskatchewan played the heavy at the 1966 Western Canadian university wrestling championships on campus. Clark, who was also a lineman for the Huskies football team, won the wrestling heavyweight division. This came at the same time that Ann Davis led the U of S women’s basketball team to four conference championships. The connection? Don Clark later married Ann Davis.

Moment #96 – Banana Splits

Everyone on the University of Saskatchewan men’s basketball team was treated to a free banana split after the Huskies beat the first-place UBC Thunderbirds in a home game in 1963. Spero Leakos, a fan of the Huskies who ran the Commodore Restaurant downtown, said the team would get dessert if it won. The Huskies did. Guard Bob Mirwald scored 15 points as Saskatchewan defeated UBC for the first time ever.