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Story and Photos by Ken Keating (ISN)

Langford BC, February 19th, 2012 – Cody Aumen had the pole as eighteen cars lined up in the Steve Copp Construction sponsored winter Enduro series on Sunday afternoon at Western Speedway.

The Enduro race would go for 200 laps or two hours whichever came first.

This event also feature the Keg Steakhouse & Bar Challenge where staff from the downtown location challenged the Quadra Street location to see who would come out on top driving these Hornet cars.

Darren Yates, the current points leader, started in the third row outside as the field came down the frontstretch to take the green flag. Alex Atkinson grabbed the lead after the first lap followed closely by Aumen and Yates.

Cody Aumen #04 has the pole for the start of Enduro event.

On lap four Aumen passed Atkinson dropping him back to second as Yates hung on to the third spot. One lap later, Yates moved up to run second with Atkinson running third and Howie Mace moving into the fourth spot.

Lap eight produced a yellow flag as one of the cars quit coming out of the dogleg, while lap eleven produced another yellow as Brad Aumen slammed into one of the big tires forming the frontstretch chicane. His car suffered quite a bit of damage to the front end ending his day.

Brad Aumen slams big tire in the chicane.

On the restart, Aumen again took the lead followed by Yates and Mace and they began to pull away from the rest of the field and then the top two drivers also pulled away from Mace.

By lap twenty-two, Atkinson got into the side of Brandon Carlson, driving the #16 car, ending his day. On lap twenty-three Yates spun around on the frontstretch but only lost a couple positions leaving Mace running second and Blair Davis running third.

The race was slowed a bit as a couple more yellow flags came out but by lap fifty-two, Aumen still led followed by Mace, Yates, and Davis running in the top four positions. After the mandatory stop at the half way marker, Yates was quick to take over the second position as Aumen still held the lead.

The green flag run was short lived as one of the Keg drivers went around on the frontstretch followed quickly by another of the Keg cars both spinning out. On the restart it took very little time for Aumen and Yates to run away from the field again and build a pretty good lead.

Both Keg cars spin out on frontstretch.

By lap ninety-nine, Aumen had opened a good distance between himself and Yates just as another yellow came out tightening up the field. Again the field was under another caution as the #13 car spun around again along the frontstretch.

By this time Yates got by Aumen and grabbed the lead with Aumen still attached to rear bumper of the #90 car. By lap one hundred and twenty, Yates still led followed by Aumen, Mace, Davis, and Ian Walker rounding out the top five positions.

As time was beginning to be a factor, one of the Keg drivers spun out as the frontrunners were closing fast along the frontstretch and almost collected Yates as he had to take evasive action to avoid the spinning car.

Time did run out after one hundred and forty-one laps with Yates taking the win followed by Aumen, Mace, Davis, and Walker rounding out the top five positions.

Darren Yates wins the February 19th Enduro event at Western Speedway.

It wasn’t clear which Keg Steakhouse & Bar actually won the Challenge but everyone had a great time watching and cheering their driver throughout the run.

They all had their picture taken with Rockell Kroppmans who also presented the winning drivers with their trophies.

The next and last event, in the winter series, is scheduled for March 25th again at 1:PM in the afternoon.

Winter Points After Feb 19th:

1/ #90 Darren Yates – 90

2/ #04 Cody Aumen – 81

3/ #28 Howie Mace – 69

4/ #8 Blair Davis – 67

5/ #91 Brenda Leslie – 65

6/ #15 Steve Copp – 53

7/ #49 Kevin Knight – 46

8/ #66 Ian Walker – 43

9/ #98 Brad Aumen – 37

10/ #18 Jay Young – 35