February 20, 2012 (ISN) – Vernon’s bid for the 2014 RBC Cup has taken another step forward.

Printed and electronic versions of a 102-page bid document have been submitted to BC Hockey, which has forwarded the bid to Hockey Canada for consideration. The bid was accompanied by a bid fee of $2500 and a refundable surety cheque of $5,000.  

The Vernon bid committee also has found an organization to underwrite any potential losses incurred by the event. That organization and its CEO prefer to remain anonymous, says Mike Lane, Co-chair of the Vernon bid committee.

The British Columbia Hockey League, which has encouraged Vernon’s bid, wrote a letter of support on December 7. Commissioner John Grisdale and the league remain firmly behind Vernon’s application.

“As a six-time national champion, the Vernon Vipers Hockey Club in partnership with the City of Vernon will be the ideal host team and city leading to what I believe will be the most successful RBC Championship ever,” said Grisdale.

Bid committee co-chair Chris Collard is very pleased by the response to the committee’s call for donations toward mounting the bid.

“We’ve received support from close to 300 people,” says Collard. “Their contributions have allowed us to pay the bid fee and will cover the costs of producing and delivering an oral and multimedia presentation to Hockey Canada.”
The City of Vernon has agreed to cover the $5,000 surety cheque. If Vernon is awarded the 2014 tournament, three further surety cheques of $15,000 each will be due on September 15, 2012, September 15, 2013, and April 15, 2014.