Photo credit Jarron Childs/ Courtesy of Lakehead University sportsinformation

THUNDER BAY, Ont. (CIS) – After the first day of action atthe 2012 CIS wrestling championships hosted by Lakehead University,Brock women’s team was the only one to separate itselfcompletely from the pack, on Friday.

Complete Day 1 Results (clickhere)

On the men’s side, the team race is far too close to callafter the first day, with Regina and reigning national championConcordia leading the standings.

The Badger women have five athletes going for gold Saturday,with their remaining three in the bronze medal matches. Gold-medalfinalists from Brock include Jade Parsons, Jasmine Mian, DianaFord, Natasha Chang, Michelle Fazzari, while wrestlers who willbattle for third place include Olivia Dibacco, Rebecca Levitt andDeborah Jehu.

The Badgers are thus guaranteed to capture the women’steam banner, with defending CIS champion Alberta and Saskatchewanfighting it out for second and third place in the standings. Boththe Pandas and Huskies will have one girl wrestling for gold onSaturday and four hoping for bronze. Alberta does hold a slimadvantage with eight wrestlers competing for final standing points,compared to seven for Saskatchewan.

Women’s teams other than Brock with gold medal finalistsare: Regina (Jasmine Slinn – 48kg and Lisa McKibben – 67kg), Guelph(Madison Parks – 51kg and Allison Leslie – 67kg), Saskatchewan(Koren Pitketly -59 kg), Alberta (Molly Bouchard -72 kg), Lakehead(Emma Brightwell – 82kg), Western (Brianne Barry – 55kg), Concordia(Nikita Chicoine – 63kg) and Calgary (Erica Wiebe – 72 kg).

A full list of women’s match-ups for tomorrow is includedbelow.

In men’s competition, Regina has four gold medal finalistsincluding Steven Schneider at 57 kg, Kirk Ackerman at 61 kg, GaelanMalloy at 68 kg and Connor Malloy at 76kg, as well as threeathletes going for bronze, including Gilbert Musonza at 54 kg, MarkBallon at 65kg and John Lendvoy at 90kg.

Concordia Stingers has three gold medal finalists in DavidTremblay (61 kg), James Mancini (65 kg) and Scott Schiller (72 kg)to go along with four bronze medal finalists in Noel Tremblay (57kg), Mitchell Krauter (76 kg), Irankah Nariman (82 kg) and GregRossy (130 kg).

Slightly farther down the standings are the Western Mustangswith two gold medal finalists (Steven Takahashi 54 kg and IlyaAbelev 68 kg) and two bronze medal finalists (Sam Hanna 72 kg andKevin Ens 90 kg). Right there with the Mustangs are the AlbertaGolden Bears with one gold medal finalist (Drew Belanger 65 kg) andfour bronze medal finalists (Jason Wass 57 kg, Dylan Williams 61kg, Coleman Brinker 76 kg and Jason Margo 82 kg).

The McMaster Marauders, who brought a men’s team of seven,have three gold medal opportunities tomorrow with Jason Buckle(57kg), Kevin MacLellan (82kg) and Sean House (90kg), as well as abronze medal finalist in Ryan Blake (72kg). The Marauders couldthreaten Western and Alberta in the standings depending on medalmatch outcomes and the 4-through-8 placement matches.

Other men’s teams with gold medal finalists are:

Guelph (John Fitzgerald 130kg, Jake Jagas 76kg and MathieuDeschatelets 82 kg), Saskatchewan (Landon Squires 90kg and RyanMyrfield 72kg) and host Lakehead (Preston Mikulasik 130kg andDustin Helwig 54kg).

A full list of match-ups for tomorrow follows.


Friday, February 24
10:00 Preliminaries Round 1
13:00 Preliminaries Round 2
15:30 Preliminaries Round 3

Saturday, February 25
10:00 Classification matches 5th-8th place (live webcastSSN Canada)
12:30 Bronze-medal matches (live webcast SSN Canada)
14:30 Championship finals (live webcast SSN Canada)


48 kg
Gold: Jade Parsons (Brock) vs. Jasmine Slinn (Regina)
Bronze: Natasha Kramble (Saskatchewan) vs. Lyndsey Almeida(Alberta)
5th: Jade Papke (Guelph) vs. Valerie Ouellette (Western)

51 kg
Gold: Jasmine Mian (Brock) vs Madison Parks (Guelph)
Bronze: Katie Dutchak (Saskatchewan) vs. Natalie Brady(Alberta)
5th: Breanne Beh (Lakehead) vs. Shani Frugtniet (Calgary)

55 kg
Gold: Diana Ford (Brock) vs. Brianne Barry (Western)
Bronze: Danielle Anderson (Regina) vs. Hannah Franson(Saskatchewan)
5th: Hayley Thomas (Alberta) vs. Sydney Duggan (McMaster)
7th: Victoria Ralph (MUN) vs. Sara Roach (UNB)

59 kg
Gold: Koren Pitkethly (Saskatchewan) vs. Natasha Chang(Brock)
Bronze: Karleah Bonk, Lakehead vs. Linda Morais (Concordia)
5th: Jamie Bergenstrom (Alberta) vs. Jessica Brenton (Winnipeg)
7. Lee Thomas (UNB) vs. Andrea Wakelin (Western)

63 kg
Gold: Nikita Chicoine (Concordia) vs. Michelle Fazzari(Brock)
Bronze: Kathleen Kent (Saskatchewan) vs. Marlen Figueroa(Alberta)
5th: Larissa D’Alleva (Western) vs. Jenny Pranger (Lakehead)
7. Jessy Seida (Calgary) vs. Breanne Coady (MUN)

67 kg
Gold: Lisa McKibben (Regina) vs. Allison Leslie(Guelph)
Bronze: Deborah Jehu (Brock) vs. Sabrina Kelly (Alberta)
5th: Lisa Brise (Saskatchewan) vs. Arlene Williams (Western)

72 kg
Gold: Molly Bouchard (Alberta) vs. Erica Wiebe(Calgary)
Bronze: Veronica Keefe (Concordia) vs. Rebecca Levitt (Brock)
5th: Kayla Brodner (Regina) vs. Monika Varello (Western)
7. Sara Cattani (Lakehead) vs. Carla Chaytor (MUN)

82 kg
Gold: Emma Brightwell (Lakehead) vs.Holly Clark(Calgary)
Bronze: Kelsey Gsell (Guelph) vs. Olivia Dibacco (Brock)
5th: Madison Beblow (Alberta) vs. Amy Dunn (Saskatchewan)
7th: Myfanway Price (MUN)


54 kg
Gold: Dustin Helwig (Lakehead) vs. Steven Takahashi(Western)
Bronze: Gilbert Musonza (Regina) vs. Zack Falcioni (Brock)
5th: Chad Caron (Saskatchewan) vs. Jay Naicker (Alberta)
7th: Rafiq Charania (UNB) vs. Trevor Banks (Concordia)

57 kg
Gold: Steven Schneider (Regina) vs. Jason Buckle(McMaster)
Bronze: Jason Wass (Alberta) vs. Noel Tremblay (Concordia)
5th: Tim Clement (Brock) vs. Dylan Bray (Saskatchewan)
7th: Rishav Ranjit (Western)

61 kg
Gold: David Tremblay (Concordia) vs. Kirk Ackerman(Regina)
Bronze: Dylan Williams (Alberta) vs. Nick Rowe (Brock)
5th: Richard Balfour (Western) vs. JF Godin (UNB)
7th: Theo Dow (Saskatchewan) vs. Allan Middleton (McMaster)

65 kg
Gold: Drew Belanger, (Alberta) vs. James Mancini(Concordia)
Bronze: Spenser Burk (Calgary) vs. Mark Ballon (Regina)
5th: Josh Proctor (Western) vs. Chris Garneau (McMaster)
7th: Isaac Muhima (UNB) vs. Jackson Taylor (Lakehead)

68 kg
Gold: Gaelan Malloy (Regina) vs. Ilya Abelev (Western)
Bronze: Kevin Iwasa-Madge (Guelph) vs. John Cottrill (Brock)
5th: Stephen De Layen (Concordia) vs.Curtis Luu (Alberta)
7th: Brady Lange (Saskatchewan) vs. Andy Sanford (UNB)

72 kg
Gold: Ryan Myrfield (Saskatchewan) vs. Scott Schiller(Concordia)
Bronze: Sam Hanna (Western) vs. Ryan Blake (McMaster)
5th: Connor Hodgins (Calgary) vs. Scott Christian (Lakehead)
7th: David Young (MUN) vs. Brian Forest (Alberta)

76 kg
Gold: Jake Jagas (Guelph) vs. Connor Malloy (Regina)
Bronze: Mitchell Krauter (Concordia) vs. Coleman Brinker(Alberta)
5th: Eric Jacobson (Western) vs. Jake Devlin (Lakehead)
7th: Adam Gordon (Calgary) vs. Eric Lewis (UNB)

82 kg
Gold: Mathieu Deschatelets (Guelph) vs. Kevin MacLellan(McMaster)
Bronze: Jason Margo (Alberta) vs Irankhah Nariman (Concordia)
5th: Peter Jones (Calgary) vs. Matt Hutchinson (Western)
7th: Mike Carrier (Regina) vs. Rory Gillis (MUN)

90 kg
Gold: Landon Squires (Saskatchewan) vs. Sean House(McMaster)
Bronze: Kevin Ens (Western) vs. John Lendvoy (Regina)
5th: Tom MacRae (UNB) vs. Robert Rubino (Guelph)
7th: Graeme Forsyth (Alberta) vs. Matthew Patey (MUN)

130 kg
Gold: Preston Mikulasik (Lakehead) vs. John Fitzgerald (Guelph)
Bronze: Greg Rossy (Concordia) vs. Charles (C.J.) Thoms (UNB)
5th: Jacob Phillips (Sakatchewan) vs. Daniel Oloumi (Alberta)
7th: Aaron Misner (McMaster) vs. Paul Grebinski (Regina)