Victoria, BC – ISN is pleased to announce that Founder and President Scott Harrigan is joining the Board of the Victoria Disabled Golfers Association as their Director of Media Relations.

The Victoria Disabled Golfers Association (VDGA) is a registered non-profit association located in Victoria BC CANADA. It is a group of volunteers who, for free, teach golf to persons with disabilities whom otherwise would not try to learn the game. VDGA also reconditions donated used clubs and give them to persons with disabilities. 

Their goal is to use golf as a form of therapy and enjoyment for persons with any type of disability. 

Victoria has a high proportion of it’s population that have disabilities, not to mention an aging population that are becoming, to some degree, disabled through medical conditions such as arthritis requiring joint replacements.

Many persons with disabilities believe they are no longer capable of playing golf, or have put away their golf clubs to gather dust, thinking their playing days were over.

For those that fall into this category, new technologies, such as the ParaMobile (see video below) are also making playing golf possible for thse with physical disabilities.


The VDGA believes in ‘GOLF-ABILITY’: that golf can be adapted to persons with disabilities. Disabilities do not always limit people – only we sometimes limit ourselves.

Upcoming VDGA events include:

1. ‘Spring Into Golf Tournament’ on May 1st at the Ridge Golf Course – where 28 persons with disabilities will be playing.

2. Our major tournament, ‘2nd Annual Golfability Tournament: Dedicated to the Memory of Dick Melville’ on Aug 7th at the Mount Douglas Golf Course – where 24 persons with disabilities will be competing.

3. ‘Fall Into Golf Tournament’ on Oct 2nd at the Ridge Golf Course – where 28 persons with disabilities will be playing.

In addition VDGA offers ongoing free golf lessons for persons with disabilities and their caregivers/parents throughout the year. Currently there are 28 people taking lessons from 5 volunteer instructors.

Please be sure to get out and support this great organization at one of their events.