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By Ken Keating

Victoria (ISN) – The sun shone bright, the temperature was comfortable, and seventeen drivers lined up to take the green flag in the final Enduro race of the Steve Copp Construction sponsored winter Hornet Series.

Blair Davis and Brad Aumen shared the front row for the start of two hours or 200 laps of racing and drivers began to change positions very quickly. By lap nine, Alex Atkinson moved up to run second with Cody Aumen running in third and Brad Aumen dropping back to fourth. On lap twelve Cody gained the lead dropping Davis back one spot with Howie Mace and Darren Yates hot on his tail.

On lap fifteen Cody entered the pits with some broken parts in his steering thus ending his day. The lead now was held by Darren Yates followed by Mace, Kevin Knight, Davis, and Phil Lagan occupying the top five positions.

Phil Lagan tries to hold off Darren Yates in late racing in Sunday’s Enduro (Photo by Ken Keating)

The first yellow came out on lap twenty as Knight spun in front of B.J. Veld and wound up in the frontstretch wall but able to continue. On the restart, Yates got away clean and began to pull away from the pack while Mace was doing the same thing running in second. After another yellow, on lap forty, Yates again got away and began his cruise up front while Mace and Lagan raced for second and third.

Phil Lagan was the winner of the final Enduro race at Wesstern Speedway on Sunday (Photo by Ken Keating)

On lap fifty-two, the yellow came out again as Kevin Knight spun around again on the frontstretch but this time because he lost the engine thus ending his day. He said, ” That was the most fun I’ve had here. This was the fastest car I’ve had until the motor came apart.”

On the restart, Yates began to check out on the rest of the field as he had done all day with Lagan taking the second spot from Mace two laps later. Davis moved into the fourth spot and Brenda Leslie claimed the fifth position. On lap fifty-nine, Mace returned the favor reclaiming the second spot dropping Lagan to third and Davis and Leslie still running in the top five positions.

Balir Davis snagged second on Sunday (Photo by Ken Keating)

Over the next several laps, Lagan and Mace changed the second and third spot on a regular basis while up front Yates was just cruising. On lap sixty-nine the field was brought to a halt at the halfway point so that teams could change drivers if so desired. When the field again took the green flag, that was the signal for Yates to check out once again and that he did.

On lap ninety-three, Mace entered the pits with a bent tie-rod thus ending his good run and handing the second spot to Lagan followed by Davis, Leslie, and Bill Peacey in the top five places. Over the next several laps the frontrunners pretty well stayed in those positions until lap one hundred and twenty-five. On that lap, Yates was about to put a lap on Lagan, going through the tight dogleg at the end of the dragstrip when he touched Lagan racing with Brad Aumen, and suffered damage to the steering and ending his day. Lagan would go on to take the checkered flag after one hundred and fifty-one laps. Blair Davis held on to the second spot with Brenda Leslie placing third followed by Bill Peacey and Brad Aumen rounding out the top five positions. The winners were greeted by Rockell Kroppmans at Victory Square to receive their trophies. 

Darren Yates topped all point getters with 104 points, Blair Davis finished with 86, Brenda Leslie with 83, Cody Aumen with 81, and Howie Mace with 80 rounded out the top five in points.

Brenda Leslie was third in Sunday’s Enduro event (Photo by Ken Keating).

Over the winter sixty drivers ran in at least one Enduro event and now get a break until the regular Hornet Series begins its summer series in June. The next event is scheduled for May 5th when you will see the Demo Classes with Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers open the regular race season for 2012 with hard hitting action at Western Speedway.

Winter Points:

1/ #90 Darren Yates – 104

2/ #8 Blair Davis – 86

3/ #91 Brenda Leslie – 83

4/ #04 Cody Aumen – 81

5/ #28 Howie Mace – 80

6/ #49 Kevin Knight – 55

7/ #98 Brad Aumen – 53

8/ #15 Steve Copp – 53

9/ #66 Ian Walker – 43

10/ #59 Phil Lagan – 42