(ISN) – Doug Richens is the latest driver to be joining the Keg Steakhouse & Bar Driver Challenge that begins May 12th at Western Speedway.

Doug Richens began racing in the Late Model Series in 2008. Previous to that he spent his time racing in the Claimer Series, Figure 8s, Demo Trucks, and Demo Cars. He was asked to help Dave Reside with his car and in doing so they found an old car in pieces and collectively put the pieces back together and put Doug in the drivers seat.

He got his start with the Claimer Series in 2003 and drove with that Series for two years. His first ever Demo race was at Saratoga racing with a big Cadillac where he enjoyed some success. Racing in Victoria, he won the mid season Barrie Goodwin Championship Trophy in 2006, and defended that title the following year as well. Doug was successful in driving to a Feature win in one of the many trailer races held at Western Speedway. This is a little difficult pulling a trailer, crashing your opponents trailer, and trying to keep control of your vehicle at the same time.

His most successful year was in 2007 with the Demo Car Series. His nickname is Doug “The Slug” but that was further from the truth back then as he had a very fast car winning three Feature events and drove to the Demo Car Championships that year. One of his most successful events, during his Championship year, was running in the Can-Am Demo Team Challenge. Richens completed thirty-two laps which was the highest lap count, in the alotted time frame, of any previous Team Challenge and leading Team Canada to the victory.


In 2008. Doug traded his Demo Car and entered the Late Model Series where its a little more difficult than he expected. He took his car to Saratoga to drive in the Katana Boat Sportsman race where he had a top ten finish, drove in two races at Penticton under that banner and gained another top ten finish for the two day event, and the ASA Advance Testing Tour BC Late Model sanctioned Canada 200 held in Victoria.

Doug has had a lot of help along the way with great support from his father Dave, his mother Pam, and his sister Sarah who is instrumental in all the numbers on his car including his Demos. Doug is excited about the upcoming Keg Steakhouse & Bar Driver Challenge as he feels the competition will be very high with the calibur of drivers expected to take part. His goal is to take part in each event and at season’s end would like to place anywhere in the top ten.