Seattle Thunderbirds select Mathew Barzal 1st Overall

Calgary, AB (ISN) — The Seattle Thunderbirds selected center Mathew Barzal with the first overall pick in the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft Thursday morning in Calgary, Alberta.

“We are very excited to add Mathew Barzal to our team today,” said Thunderbirds General Manager Russ Farwell from the draft in Calgary. “Mathew has true star potential and will be a very exciting player for our fans to watch develop. He has a style all his own and plays the game at a pace that is truly fun to watch. He has been a dominant player for a number of years and his package of skill and winning attitude will have a tremendous influence on our team from top to bottom.”

Barzal, from Coquitlam, British Columbia, is 5’10 and 160-pounds and played with the Burnaby Winter Club Bantam A team last season. In 35 regular season games Barzal had 39 goals and 68 assists for 107 points. In 17 playoff games this past season he had 46 points on 16 goals and 30 assists. He is a right-hand shot and was born March 26, 1997.

2012 WHL Bantam Draft Results

(Team, Name, Pos, Hometown)

Round 1

1. Seattle, Mathew Barzal, C, Burnaby, B.C.; 2. Prince George (from Prince Albert), Jansen Harkins, C, North Vancouver, B.C.; 3. Prince Albert (from Prince George), Brendan Guhle, D, Sherwood Park, AB; 4. Lethbridge, Giorgio Estephan, C, Edmonton, AB; 5. Swift Current, Glenn Gawdin, C, Richmond, B.C.; 6. Red Deer, Adam Musil, C, Burnaby, B.C.; 7. Prince George (from Everett), Brad Morrison, C, Westside, B.C.; 8. Victoria, Tyler Soy, C, Surrey, B.C.; 9. Kelowna, Nick Merkley, C, Calgary, AB; 10. Kootenay, Troy Murray, D, White City, SK; 11. Everett (from Regina/Prince George), Kevin Davis, D, Kamloops, B.C.; 12. Brandon, Braylon Schmyr, C, Calgary, AB; 13. Victoria (from Saskatoon), Chaz Reddekopp, D, Kelowna, B.C.; 14. Spokane, Evan Fiala, D, Clavet, SK; 15. Vancouver, Ty Ronning, RW, Burnaby, B.C.; 16. Medicine Hat, Ty Shultz, D, New Westminster, B.C.; 17. Calgary, Brendan Riddle, D, Balgonie, SK; 18. Lethbridge (from Moose Jaw), Thomas Lenchyshyn, D, Steinbach, MB; 19. Kamloops, Jayden Halbgewachs, C, Emerald Park, SK; 20. Seattle (from Portland), Keegan Kolesar, RW, Winnipeg, MB; 21. Tri-City, Parker Wotherspoon, D, Surrey, B.C.; 22. Edmonton, Patrick Dea, G, St. Albert, AB.

Round 2

23. Prince Albert, Nick McBride, G, Maple Ridge, B.C.; 24. Prince George, Tate Olson, D, Saskatoon, SK; 25. Seattle, Ethan Bear, D, Whitewood, SK; 26. Portland (from Everett), Keoni, Texeira, D, Fontana, CA; 27. Victoria, Regan Nagy, C, Ogema, SK; 28. Lethbridge, Cole Plotnikoff, C, Surrey, B.C.; 29. Swift Current, Travis Child, G, Killam, AB; 30. Red Deer, Taz Burman, G, Vancouver, B.C.; 31. Regina (from Kelowna), Brady Reagan, D, OK Falls, B.C.; 32. Kootenay, Dylan Overdyk, D, St. Albert, AB; 33. Moose Jaw (from Regina), Zachary Sawchenko, G, Calgary, AB; 34. Kelowna (from Brandon), Joe Gatenby, D, Calgary, AB; 35. Brandon (from Saskatoon), Tanner Browne, D, Kelowna, B.C.; 36. Spokane, Curtis Miske, C, Beaumont, AB; 37. Vancouver, Jakob Stukel, LW, Surrey, B.C.; 38. Matthew Bradley, C, Surrey, B.C.; 39. Calgary, Terrell Draude, C, Warman, SK; 40. Edmonton (from Moose Jaw/Vancouver), Andrew Koep, C, Lloydminster, AB; 41. Prince Albert (from Kamloops), Matteo Gennaro, LW, St. Albert, AB; 42. Vancouver (from Portland), Jesse Roach, RW, Quesnel, B.C.; 43. Prince George (from Tri-City), Aaron Boyd, C, Winnipeg, MB; 44. Kamloops (from Edmonton), Nicholas Chyzowski, C, Kamloops, B.C.

Round 3

45. Kelowna (from Prince Albert), Chris Seto, LW, Surrey, B.C.; 46. Tri-City (from Prince George), Braden Purtill, C, Winnipeg, MB; 47. Seattle, Logan Flodell, G, Regina, SK; 48. Red Deer (from Everett), Austin Strand, D, Calgary, AB; 49. Victoria, Matthew Campese, LW, Prince Albert, SK; 50. Brandon (from Letbhridge), Dakota Boutin, RW, Moosomin, SK; 51. Swift Current, Domenic Masellis, D, Burnaby, B.C.; 52. Moose Jaw (from Red Deer/Prince George), Ryan Gardiner, D, Winnipeg, MB; 53. Lethbridge (from Kelowna), Colt Conrad, C, St. Alphonse, MB; 54. Swift Current (from Kootenay), Wyatt Sloboshan, LW, Saskatoon, SK; 55. Tri-City (from Regina), Tyler Fraser, D, Surrey, B.C.; 56. Saskatoon (from Brandon), Cameron Hebig, C, Saskatoon, SK; 57. Everett (from Saskatoon), RW, Phoenix, AZ; 58. Spokane, Tyson Verhelst, G, Brandon, MB; 59. Everett (from Vancouver), Nik Amundrud, G, Melfort, SK; 60. Kootenay (from Medicine Hat), Hudson Elynuik, C, Calgary, AB; 61. Tri-City (from Calgary), Ty Comrie, C, Newport Beach, CA; 62. Prince George (from Moose Jaw), Shane Collins, D, Rosetown, SK; 63. Regina (from Kamloops), Rykr Cole, C, Moosomin, SK; 64. Portland, Caleb Jones, D; 65. Tri-City, Evan Sarthou, G; 66. Everett (from Edmonton), Matt Fonteyne, C, Wetaskiwin, AB.

Round 4

67. Prince Albert, Connor Hobbs, D, Saskatoon, SK; 68. Regina (from Prince George), Brendan Kallis, D, St. Albert, AB; 69. Red Deer (from Seattle), Mason McCarty, C, Blackie, AB; 70. Everett, Noah Juulsen, D, Abbotsford, B.C.; 71. Victoria, Matthew Dykstra, C, Edmonton, AB; 72. Spokane (from Lethbridge), Jordan Henderson, D, Surrey, B.C.; 73. Swift Current, Jackson Keane, C, Winnipeg, MB; 74. Red Deer, Grayson Pawlenchuk, C, Ardrossan, AB; 75. Kelowna, Christian Cakebread, RW, Chandler, AZ; 76. Kootenay, Austin Wellsby, RW, Kelowna, B.C.; 77. Kamloops (from Regina), Cameron Reagan, D, Sherwood Park, AB; 78. Brandon, Kirkland Lycar, C, Elma, MB; 79. Saskatoon, Brandon Kegler, G, Leduc, AB; 80. Spokane, Jordan Kawaguchi, C, Abbotsford, B.C.; 81. Brandon (from Vancouver), Mark Matsuba, D, Spruce Grove, AB; 82. Moose Jaw (from Medicine Hat), Dustin Perillat, D, Saskatoon, SK; 83. Calgary, Jordan Stallard, C, Brandon, MB; 84. Calgary (from Moose Jaw), Cal Babych, RW, North Vancouver, B.C.; 85. Vancouver (from Kamloops), Stefan Worning, G, Surrey, B.C.; 86 Portland, Justin Greer, D, Edmonton, AB; 87. Lethbridge (from Tri-City), Zachary Goberis, C, Arvada, CO; 88. Edmonton, Jesse Mills, D, Westside, B.C.

Round 5

89. Prince Albert, Jordan Boulton, D, Sherwood Park, AB; 90. Moose Jaw (from Prince George), Ethan Williams, RW, Winnipeg, MB; 91. Seattle, Lane Pederson, C, Saskatoon, SK; 92. Prince George (from Everett), Ethan Waitzner, RW, Victoria, B.C.; 93. Victoria, Markus Daly, G, Victoria, B.C.; 94. Regina (from Lethbridge), Austin Wagner, C, Calgary, AB; 95. Swift Current, Maxime Lajoie, D, Calgary, AB; 96. Red Deer, Meyer Nell, LW, Boissevain, MB; 97. Saskatoon (from Kelowna), Quinn Sobus, D, Lloydminster, AB; 98. Everett (from Kootenay), Jordan Wharrie, D, Port Moody, B.C.; 99. Prince Albert (from Regina), Dylan Stewart, C, Edmonton, AB; 100. Brandon, Jesse Gabrielle, LW, Moosomin, MB; 101. Kelowna (from Saskatoon), Jake Morrissey, G, Calgary, AB; 102. Spokane, Tyson Helgesen, D, Fairview, AB; 103. Lethbridge (from Vancouver), Kade Jensen, D, Calgary, AB; 104. Medicine Hat, Jordan Xavier, C, Calgary, AB; 105. Calgary, Scott Petkau, C, Steinbach, MB; 106. Moose Jaw, Tyler Brown, D, East Olympia, WA; 107; Edmonton (from Kamloops), Chance Patterson, D, Foam Lake, SK; 108. Portland, Travis Kilbrei, LW, Arborg, MB; 109. Regna (from Tri-City), Rylee Zimmer, C, Russell, MB; 110. Vancouver (from Edmonton), Michael Eskra, D, Regina, SK.

Round 6

111. Prince Albert, Dallas Miller, LW, Winnipeg, MB; 112. Brandon (from Prince George), Mark Taraschuk, D, Winnipeg, MB; 113. Lethbridge (from Seattle), Brandon Kennedy, D, Tsawwassen, B.C.; 114. Regina (from Everett), Robbie Fulton, D, Camrose, AB; 115. Victoria, Keith Anderson, RW, Hermiston, OR; 116. Brandon (from Lethbridge), Tristen Elder, RW, Kinistino, SK; 117. Vancouver (from Swift Current), Kole Bryks, D, Edmonton, AB; 118. Red Deer, Alexander Winters, D, Kamloops, B.C.; 119. Kelowna, Lucas Johansen, D, Port Moody, B.C.; 120. Kootenay, River Beattie, RW, Sherwood Park, AB; 121. Lethbridge (from Regina), Eric Szudor, G, Edmonton, AB; 122. Brandon, Logan Thompson, G, Calgary, AB; 123. Kamloops (from Saskatoon), Cole Kehler, G, Altona, MB; 124. Kootenay (from Spokane), Zachary Smith, D, Edmonton, AB; 125. Medicine Hat (from Vancouver), Mendell Dubuisson, RW, Surprise, AZ; 126. Medicine Hat, Mitchell Dyck, D, Winkler, MB; 127. Calgary, Carson Franks, G, Red Deer, AB; 128. Everett (from Moose Jaw), Patrick Bajkov, RW, Nanaimo, B.C.; 129. Kamloops, Charlie Gawlicki, RW, Edmonton, AB; 130. Portland, Ethan Price, F, Lincoln, NE; 131. Tri-City, Maxwell James, LW, Kamloops, B.C.; 132. Vancouver (from Edmonton), Jared Coghill, D, Lloydminster, AB.

Round 7

133. Vancouver (from Prince Albert), Chase Jungels, F, Edina, MN; 134. Regina (from Prince George), Colton Kroeker, C, Surrey, B.C.; 135. Edmonton (from Seattle), Garrett Amour, LW, Winnipeg, MB; 136. Everett, Daniel Woolfenden, D, Mill Creek, WA; 137. Victoria, Devon Brooks, D, Edmonton, AB; 138. Lethbridge, Josh Hayward, C, Edmonton, AB; 139. Swift Current, Brandan Arnold, RW, Dodsland, SK; 140. Red Deer, Bo Hanson, D, Boise, ID; 141. Kelowna, Jarrell Pinchuk, D, Ft. Saskatchewan, AB; 142. Kootenay, Shane Allen, F, Calgary, AB; 143. Medicine Hat (from Regina), Riley Morris, G, Calgary, AB; 144. Brandon, Wade Allison, RW, Roland, MB; 145. Red Deer (from Saskatoon), Brayden Burke, C, Edmonton, AB; 146. Spokane, Marcus Vela, C; 147. Vancouver, Colten Iron, RW, Canoe Narrows, SK; 148. Medicine Hat, Justin Young, C, Leduc, AB; 149. Calgary, Lochlan Morrison, D, Prince Albert, SK; 150. Moose Jaw, Ethan Lazaro, LW, St. Albert, AB; 151. Kamloops, Calen Whitworth, D, Surrey, B.C.; 152. Portland, Owen Stout, F, West Vancouver, B.C.; 153. Tri-City, Robby Jackson, C, Alameda, CA; 154. Edmonton, Colton Kehler, C, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Round 8

155. Prince Albert, Marshall Burr, D, Airdrie, AB; 156. Prince George, Stephen Wack, D, St. Albert, AB; 157. Seattle, Donavon Neuls, LW, Grenfell, SK; 158. Everett, Carson Richards, RW, Vernon, B.C.; 159. Spokane (from Victoria), Ben Hanley, LW, Kelowna, B.C.; 160. Spokane (from Lethbridge), Nick Lenius, D, Weyburn, SK; 161. Seattle (from Swift Current), Luke Osterman, D, Stillwater, MN; 162. Red Deer, Daniel Nault, RW, Penticton, B.C.; 163. Tri-City (from Kelowna), Curtis Rutledge, D, Calgary, AB; 164. Kootenay, Jeffrey Veitch, G, Mission, B.C.; 165. Regina, Angus Scott, C, Salt Lake City, UT; 166. Brandon, Conner Lukan, C, Slave Lake, AB; 167. Prince George (from Saskatoon), Matt Kustra, G, Yorkton, SK; 168. Spokane, Darien Craighead, RW, Surrey, B.C.; 169. Vancouver, Jordan Klehr, D, Lino Lakes, MN; 170. Medicine Hat, Brad Forrest, D, Calgary, AB; 171. Calgary, AlexMcGovern, D, Vernon, B.C.; 172. Moose Jaw, Christos Zinis, D, Broomfield, CO; 173. Kamloops, Josh Stang, C, Macklin, SK; 174. Portland, Ryan Wilkinson, RW, Seafair, B.C.; 175. Tri-City, Jordan Topping, LW, Nanaimo, B.C.; 176; Edmonton, Tristan Starzynski, LW, Leduc, AB.

Round 9

177. Prince Albert, Caleb Seaman, C, Choiceland, SK; 178. Prince George, Dylan McCann, C, Surrey, B.C.; 179. Seattle, Tyler Kreklewich, LW, Melville, SK; 180. Everett, Jake Durflinger, RW, Walnut Creek, CA; 181. Victoria, Oliver Lester, D, Calgary, AB; 182. Lethbridge, Tyler Rohl, RW, Calgary, AB; 183. Swift Current, Ryan Rottenburger, LW, Radisson, SK; 184. Kamloops (from Red Deer), Tyler Jeanson, C, Graysville, MB; 185. Kelowna, Kristian Pagura, D, Kimberley, B.C.; 186. Kootenay, Logan Schatz, C, Allan, SK; 187. Regina, James Hilsendager, D, Lloydminster, AB; 188. Brandon, Liam MacLeod, LW, LaSalle, MB; 189. Saskatoon, Connor Odelein, D, Quill Lake, SK; 190. Prince Albert (from Spokane), PASS; 191. Vancouver, Mitch Stapley, D, North Vancouver, B.C.; 192. Medicine Hat, Jake Fletcher, LW, Surrey, AB; 193. Calgary, James Shearer, D, Brandon, MB; 194. Moose Jaw, Shane Roullette, LW, Winnipeg, MB; 195. Kamloops, Mitchell Brennan, D, Calgary, AB; 196. Portland, Michael Bullion, G, Anchorage, AK; 197. Tri-City, Cole Gammer, RW, Edmonton, AB; 198. Edmonton, Connor Sych, D, North Battleford, SK.

Round 10

199. Vancouver (from Prince Albert), Owen Sillinger, C, Regina, SK; 200. Prince George, Tristan Phillips, D; 201. Seattle, Zak Galambos, D, Walnut Creek, CA; 202. Everett, Desmond Nevin, D, Steinbach, MB; 203. Victoria, Brendan Grier, D, Calgary, AB; 204. Lethbridge, Logan Fauber, D, Niwot, CO; 205. Seattle (from Swift Current), Austin Wong, D, Medicine Hat, AB; 206. Regina (from Red Deer), Jared McCammond, C, Grande Cache, AB; 207. Kelowna, Brogan O’Brien, C, Prince George, B.C.; 208. Kootenay, Zac Paziuk, C, Prince Albert, SK; 209. Kamloops (from Regina), Larime Kostelansky, RW, Fort MacLeod, AB; 210. Brandon, Aaron Kellogg, D, Ft. Saskatchewan, AB; 211. Moose Jaw (from Saskatoon), Zac Whitby, RW, Calgary, AB; 214. Medicine Hat, Todd Bredo, D, Prince George, B.C.; 215. Calgary, Grady McInnes, C, Campbell River, B.C.; 216. Moose Jaw, Riley Thomsen, D, Oakbank, MB; 217. Kamloops, PASS; 218. Portland, Evan Tschumi, C, Calgary, AB; 219. Tri-City, Bryce Fiske, D, Air Ronge, SK; 220. Edmonton, Brad Bigsby, D, Saskatoon, SK.

Round 11

222. Prince George, Rem Pitlick, F, Plymouth, MN; 224. Everett, Michael Wirth, RW, Morden, MB; 226. Lethbridge, Kody White, C, Saskatoon, SK; 227. Swift Current, Kruz Listmayer, D, Winnipeg, MB; 229. Kelowna, Luigi Naccarato, D, Edmonton, AB; 231. Regina, Drew Litwin, C, Wynyard, SK; 232. Brandon, Evan Werle, D, Langenburg, SK; 233. Saskatoon, Mackenzie Dwyer, D, Winnipeg, MB; 234. Saskatoon (from Spokane), Dexter Kuczek, LW, East St. Paul, MB; 236. Medicine Hat, Brayden Uhrich, RW, Rosetown, SK; 238, Moose Jaw, Blake Holowatty, RW, Penticton, B.C.; 240. Portland, Alex Overhardt, C, Denver, CO.

Round 12

246. Everett, Alex Mehr, C; 255. Saskatoon, Mitch Newsome, RW, Surrey, B.C.; 256. Saskatoon (from Spokane), Cole Williams, D, Delta, B.C.; 257. Saskatoon (from Vancouver), Haydn Hopkins, C, Victoria, B.C.; 261. Saskatoon (from Kamloops), Turner Ottenbreit, D, Yorkton, SK; 262. Blake Heinrich, D, Cambridge, MN.

Round 13

284. Portland, Evan Weinger, RW, El Segundo, CA.

Round 14

306. Portland, Troy Ring, D, Vancouver, B.C.