2012 Timbermen Logo

By Tali Campbell

Nanaimo (ISN) – The Nanaimo Timbermen have a rich history in Nanaimo. Sadly, many believe that the sense of tradition connected to the team has been lost over the years. The Atlas Group, who recently purchased the Junior A Timbermen believe they can bring back the tradition of supporting lacrosse in Nanaimo.

The Atlas Group, led by Hadi Abassi, had s owned the Nanaimo Senior A Timbermen with other partners since it’s inaugural season in 2005. Two years ago they became the sole owner. And the Timberman are not their only business interest; they also own the very successful V.I Raiders, Atlas Trust, Coastal Windows, Elite Image and Eco Wash N’ Shop.

Abassi’s first move as the full owner of the Timberman was to hire ex-head coach and general manager of the Nanaimo Clippers Bill Bestwick. He has tremendous respect for Bestwick because Bestwick’s passion for Nanaimo and for sports is ‘unmatched.’ As Abassi noted, “He’s an amazing executive and I am honored to be working with him.”

As many people know, Bill Bestwick grew the Clippers franchise to a fan base of 3000+ in Frank Crane Arena. He wants to see the same thing happen for the Timberman. “Frank Crane Arena is really where we can showcase our teams to the maximum potential,” Abassi noted.

As the Atlas Group grows and has even more of an impact on Nanaimo, Abassi says they want to increase their presence with local sports. “We would like to have the Clippers and other high caliber teams in our group so we can represent our city and create championship teams for this community!” he stated.

For more information on the Nanaimo Timbermen visit www.tmen.ca