lower island soccer

Victoria (ISN) – The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) is pleased to announce that it aims to make coaching certification mandatory for all coaches across the Lower Island district by 2015. The program aims to certify over 600 coaches in time for the start of the Women’s World Cup which will be hosted here in Canada.

“As part of our commitment to the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program ‘Wellness to World Cup” we are fully committed to improving the experience of our players and coaches through certification and continued education as part of the Lower Island Soccer Coaches Association” commented LISA head coach Andrew Latham.

“The belief that a coach can engage in coaching based on the accumulation of experience without prerequisite training seems common across sports, but would not be acceptable in any other volunteer or employment sector that requires specific skills to perform the job task. A “license to coach” would be a substantial step to ensuring that coaches have the necessary qualification and other standards to coach in a particular role suited to the level of athlete coaches” added David Hill Director, National Coaching Institute BC.

The LISA will aim to host a minimum of 12 courses each year in the district. These will consist of 6 Fundamental courses, 4 Learning to Train courses and a minimum of 2 Soccer for Life courses. The LISA club presidents voted for a small fee increase to cover the costs of coach certification and from this point forward all LISA coaches can attend courses free of charge and the courses will start in June.

“With the introduction of new coaching courses as part of the LTPD program the time is right to raise the bar. We believe that by the start of the Women’s World Cup in 2015, we can become a fully certified district” said Latham. “The decision by the club presidents to support a slight fee increase for coaching development is an investment in the future of the game in our district, and it should be applauded.”