Story and Photos by Ken Keating

Victoria (ISN) – Western Speedway was the host for the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bomber Series on Saturday June 2nd, with Morgan Giles emerging as the big winner of the Bomber Feature race.

Trophy Dash wins went to Dennis Stewart in the Bomber Series, George Haywood in the Demo Trucks, Greg Sagmoen in the Demo Cars, and Kail Beck in the Figure 8 Series.

Cody Young grabbed the Heat race for the Figure 8s, Kirk Peacey won the Demo Car Heat, George Haywood was the winner in the Truck Series, while Sean Staniforth and Chris Broughton won their respective Bomber Heats. The Capital City Drift put on another display of drifting however for one driver, it wasn’t as planned as he drifted into the front stretch wall doing some damage to the front end of his car plus leaving a few parts on the Speedway. They display phenomenal control although they do appear to be out of control most of the time as they slide through corners and up close to the wall as they go around the Langford oval at a high rate of speed. They are a treat to watch for sure.

The tough Figure 8 Feature was just that as the early going saw Sean Young lead for several laps in a forty lap Feature event. As he went to take out another competitor, their cars got locked together and this allowed Brandon Young to go by for the lead on lap 27. The battle for the next positions include Kail Beck, Cody Young, and James Young as they tried to run down the leaders. This race featured many hard hits but when the chequered flag dropped Brandon held on for the win with Beck, Cody, and James Young rounding out the top four positions.

Brandon Young won the Figure 8 Feature.

The Demo Truck Feature saw the yellow on the first lap as Cam Wilkinson got taken out and slammed into the turn three wall ending his night with lots of damage to the front of his Truck. Brandon Young also entered his first Demo Truck race driving the #3 truck. George Haywood grabbed the lead early and held off any attempt to catch him and walked away with a clean sweep for the night including the fast time for the event. Cody Sadler and Kenny Baker rounded out the top three positions.

George Haywood was winner of the Demo Truck Feature.

The Demo Car Series saw a couple hard hits as Cody Young got a tag from Greg Sagmoen and suffered a broken rear axle on his #24 car sending him to the pits early. On the restart, Robin Trotter got the lead while Sagmoen, Smokin Joe Liberatore, and Kirk Peacey tried to reel him in. Sagmoen got into Peacey a little too hard spinning the veteran driver around and getting a black flag in the process. When the dust settle, Trotter claimed the win followed by Joe Liberatore and Peacey rounding out the top three drivers.

The Bombers would have to survive fifty laps of racing in order to claim the victory and again stay over the twenty second lap time speed. As usual some drivers didn’t make that as they suffered a stop and go penalty before the night was finished. Daniel David had the pole position as he brought a rather large field of cars to the green flag and he got the early advantage. There was a lot of bumping in the early going as the faster cars were trying to make their way forward and feature a couple of spin outs. By lap thirteen, Morgan Giles had found his way to the front and in a tight battle with Dennis Stewart running side by side for several laps. Behind them Brendan Moore and Aaron Campbell were driving hard to overtake the leaders. After a yellow flag, Giles again went into the lead as Stewart resumed his challenge on the outside door handle to door handle. Tyler Woods found his way to the front row for yet another double file restart after a caution flag and he began several laps of side by side racing with Giles. Sean Staniforth made his presence felt as he moved in to run side by side with Woods battling for the third spot along with Chris Broughton who moved up to challenge the front runners in his first race of 2012. The last thing Giles needed was a yellow flag as he seemed to have things under control and forcing other drivers to run under twenty seconds in order to catch him. On lap thirty-five the yellow came out as Staniforth required a push into the pits as his car quit. On the restart, Giles again had Woods on the outside but jumped back into the lead and held off all comers for his first ever Feature win at Western Speedway. Woods hung on for the second spot with Aaron Campbell, Mark Lockhart, and Chris Broughton rounding out the top five positions in a very tight and exciting Bomber event. Rockell and Winter presented the winners with their trophies at Victory Square.

Morgan Giles secured his first ever Feature win on Saturday.

Kenny Baker volunteered to drive the van with four vehicles set to try and roll the van over in the popular van chase. Just when a pursuit vehicle tried to move in for the hit, Kenny braked or swerved to through the chaser off his tail. He did get hit a couple of times but eluded the villains and won the van chase event. The van suffered very little damage and will probably find its way back and into another such chase before the season ends.

The next event, at Western Speedway, will see two nights of great racing as the WilRoc non winged Sprints Cars, OTRA, and the debut of the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stocks compete on Friday June 8th and those Series will be joined by the Island Stock Car Series for the Saturday night event June 9th as the Sprints will be out to capture the Strawberry Cup.