synergy health

Victoria, BC (ISN) – Tuesday June 6, 2012 – Synergy Health Centre is offering a promotion to help replace a stolen video camera that was taken during The Q’s Victoria Track Series Saturday June 2nd track meet at Oak Bay High School.

They are doing this so that the Series donations that are earmarked to go to the Mustard Seed Food Bank will not be at risk.

Synergy Health Centre is offering many of their health services at discounted rates for example, acupuncture, physiotherapy, blood testing and massage. Synergy is also offering big discounts on fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, flow, belly-fit and yoga/pilates fusion. “We hope to replace The Q’s Victoria Track Series main video camera and any extra funds that are raised over and above the replacement price will go directly to the Mustard Seed Food Bank,” said Dr. Jamie Grimes owner of Synergy Health Centre.

The Q’s Victoria Track Series – a multi-event series of track meets that takes place from May until September each year offers opportunities to runners of all abilities to try racing on the track. Racing on the track is a unique experience for the non-elite level runners – opportunities are far and few between for them. Additionally, serious runners including the University of Victoria Vikes women’s and men’s teams race the series. The Series saves the University team money as they can avoid the expense of travel.

The Charity of Choice of the Q’s Victoria Track Series is the Mustard Seed Food Bank. Each year the series turns over at least $1600 at the year-end silent auction and awards night, also smaller amounts are donated at each meet. The volunteers at the Mustard Seed assist the series with registration and athlete check-in. These funds are at risk. “Even if we went the insurance route, we would have a sizeable deductible to pay and when making insurance claims we may risk increasing insurance rates for other events that happen in the city,” says Christopher Kelsall, Series Director.

The promotion is available today, June 6th through to June 21st however, the purchases do not have to be redeemed for six months. “This is a very generous offer from Dr. Grimes and greatly appreciated,” says Kelsall.

To view more information visit the series website click on the “news” tab.