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Parkville, B.C. Canada – “Bringing Smart Play to Hockey” programs, the brainchild of Acres Hockey Training and Brain Navigators is proud to announce the inaugural Michal Vincent Acres Memorial Bursary which will provide players with the opportunity to participate in “Bringing Smart Play to Hockey” programs and receive this crucial on and off-ice hockey specific education in summer 2012.

In association with Parksville’s Rotary Club, the Michal Vincent Acres Memorial Bursary will provide an opportunity to players who, due to financial constraints, are unable to experience this exceptional summer hockey school program. It is the belief that this award will help raise awareness of playing smart and safe hockey, propelling eager young hockey players on their road to success in life.

Applicants are requested to view the details presented on the website:  Acres Hockey School age groupings are as follows: ages-5-8, 9-11, and 12-14. A minimum of three (3) bursaries shall be awarded in 2012.


Acres Hockey’s Concussion-Prevention focused Hockey School is the first of its kind. This school provides proven preventative measures to help save our youth from serious brain injury. Acres Hockey and Brain Navigators joined forces in 2011 to create the ground-breaking “Bringing Smart Play to Hockey” programs, where Skills, Tools, and Education for Prevention (STEP) are the focus. On-Ice program is directed by Henry Acres, a former pro-player, now coaching in Europe. Off-ice instructor is Colleen Butler, author of Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain, and founder of Brain Navigators.

The Bursary is named in honor of Henry Acres’ younger brother, Michal Vincent, who passed away in 1985 during a house fire.

“I am extremely proud to honour Michal’s memory with this award. Education and respect is key to reducing concussions in hockey. Changing the mentality of players takes time as we have seen with the STOP program for hitting from behind. A generation of players has now developed, very aware of that dangerous play. Our programs will spark similar awareness about head contact trauma, while reducing possible life-altering injuries over this next generation. Having the ability to open our program to more players is wonderful and we are very happy to work with the Rotary Club in order to make this bursary possible.” says Acres.

To apply or donate towards this award and further information on all Acres Hockey Training programs please see the contact form at  Application deadline is July 7, 2012.

Acres Hockey Training is entering their 9th year of offering outstanding individual and group Summer Hockey Training programs in Parksville, B.C. Canada. Acres Hockey also offers partner programs in Sweden and Finland.