rowing canada

The following boats and athletes have been selected to represent Rowing Canada Aviron at the 2012 World Rowing Under 23 Championships. The 2012 event will take place from July 11 -15 in Trakai, Lithuania.

The Canadian team will depart Canada on July 2 for a pre-event training camp that will also take place in Lithuania.

Training in Victoria BC at the Victoria Training Centre:
U23 Lwt Men’s 4-
Marc Addison – Vancouver College / University Of Western Ontario, BC
Evan Cheng – UBC, BC
Maxwell Lattimer – Vancouver College / University of Western Ontario, BC
Graham Schenck – St. Catharines RC / University of Western Ontario, Ontario

U23 Men’s 4-
Keegan Drummond – St. Catharines Rowing Club / Brock, New Brunswick
Ryan Rosts – Ridley Grad BC / North Eastern, Ontario
Tim Schrijver – St. Catharines / Brock, Ontario
David Lariviere – Leander Boat Club / University of Western Ontario, Ontario

Training in London Ontario at the London Training Centre:
U23 LWT Women’s 2x
Elizabeth Fenje – Saint Michaels University School / Stanford, BC
Erin Snelgrove – St. Catharines RC, Ontario

U23 Women’s 4-
Christine Roper – UVIC, Ontario
Susanne Grainger – London Rowing Club / University of Virginia, Ontario
Cheryl Copson – Peterborough RC / Boston U, Ontario
Antje Von Seydlitz-Kurzbach – UVIC, BC

U23 Women’s 1x
Carling Zeeman – Laurentian / Sudbury RC, Ontario

U23 Lwt Women’s 1x
Katherine Enns – UBC, BC
Non-travelling spare
Meghan Robinson – Queen’s / Burnaby Lake RC, BC

Training in Welland at the National Development Centre – Ontario
U23 Lwt Men’s 2x
Dylan Harris – Ottawa Rowing Club, Ontario
Mark Henry – Guelph Rowing Club, Ontario

Paul Hawksworth – U23 LWT Men’s 4- and U23 Men’s 4-
Michelle Darvill – U23 LWT Women’s 2x and U23 Women’s 4-
Phil Marshall – U23 LWT Men’s 2x
Volker Nolte – U23 Women’s 1x and U23 LWT Women’s 1x