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Richmond, BC – Parksville’s Trevor Hirschfield has been named to the All Star Team at the 2012 Canada Cup International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. Hirschfield was selected as “Best 1.0” player at the event, which was hosted at the Richmond Olympic Oval. He was the only Canadian to receive an All Star Selection.

This All Star award is only one of Hirschfield’s many honours. He was also named to the All Star Team at the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships. At this event, he finished with 13 goals and 2 steals, which makes him the best in his class.

“Trevor is a phenomenal defensive player,” said Head Coach Kevin Orr. “He can check players with way more function than him and he’s got great ball sense.”

The Canadians finished the tournament with a silver medal after narrowly losing 53-51 against their rivals, the USA. The 2012 Canada Cup International Wheelcahir Rugby Tournament is one of the most elite wheelchair rugby tournaments outside of a Paralympics or World Championships. All eight teams competing will participate in the 2012 London Paralympics and Canada Cup is the last stop before this event.