OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport, as the Canadian representative of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), announced Friday the Team Canada mission staffs for the 2013 Summer and Winter Universiades.

As announced in May, Theresa Hanson from the University of British Columbia will be Canada’s chef de mission at the 27th summer world university games in Kazan, Russia (July 6 to 17), while Gord Grace from the University of Windsor will lead the red and white delegation at the 26th winter games in Trentino, Italy (December 11 to 21).

Mary MacDonald, CIS manager of sport and international programs, will be assistant chef de mission at both events.

Joining Hanson and MacDonald for the biennial summer games are managers Michel Bélanger from CIS (communications), Mike Havey from the University of Windsor (transportation), Martine LeBlanc from Université de Moncton (administration), Greg Ryan from the University of Alberta – Augustana (technical) and Danika Smith from the University of Ottawa (accreditation), as well as chief medical officer Dory Boyer from the University of British Columbia and chief therapist Dinah Hampson from the University of Toronto.

Rounding out the medical staff are physicians Jessica Butler (Carleton University), Véronique Godbout (University of Montreal), Jack Ceaser (Northern Ontario School of Medicine), Mike Nicholls (University of Saskatchewan) and Devin Nielsen. The team of therapists is comprised of Jacques Lavergne (Laval University), Laura Lundquist (Dalhousie University), Lois Pohlod (University of Alberta), Tanya Rank (Simon Fraser University), Rhonda Shishkin (University of Saskatchewan), Kurt Stevenson (Saint Mary’s University), Kristy Wiltshire and Victoria Wiltshire (Queen’s University). Nicole Betker (University of Saskatchewan), Jill Clark (University of Toronto), Mathieu Dauphinais (University of Montreal) and Jennifer Elliott (University of Ottawa) were selected as communications officers.

A few additional positions will be filled in the coming months for the Kazan Games (clinic manager, photographer, intern).

At the Winter Universiade in Trentino, Grace and MacDonald will be joined by communications manager Mary Beth Challoner from the University of Toronto.

The physicians and therapists for the winter games will be announced at a later date.

“We are thrilled with the mission staffs we have assembled for the 2013 Universiades,” said Mary MacDonald. “Thanks to their support and expertise, we are confident that Canadian student-athletes will enjoy a memorable experience and will achieve great success in Kazan and Trentino.”

Many more Team Canada announcements will follow over the next 18 months, including rosters and coaching staffs. Canada is expected to send its largest delegation ever at both the Summer and Winter Universiades in 2013.

In 2011, Canada sent a delegation of 141 – including 102 athletes – to the winter games in Erzurum, Turkey, and a contingent of 349 – including 246 athletes – to the summer competition in Shenzhen, China.

Canadian student-athletes captured five medals in Turkey (one gold, three silver, one bronze) and reached the podium eight times in China (0-5-3).

NOTE: Due to a change of location from Slovenia to Italy, the Winter Universiade (December) will exceptionally be staged after the Summer Universiade (July) in 2013.


Chef de Mission: Theresa Hanson (University of British Columbia)

Assistant Chef: Mary MacDonald (CIS)

Communications Manager: Michel Bélanger (CIS)

Transportation Manager: Mike Havey (University of Windsor)

Administration Manager: Martine LeBlanc (Université de Moncton)

Technical Manager: Greg Ryan (University of Alberta – Augustana)

Accreditation Manager: Danika Smith (University of Ottawa)

Chief Medical Officer: Dory Boyer (University of British Columbia)

Chief Therapist: Dinah Hampson (University of Toronto)

Communications Officer: Nicole Betker (University of Saskatchewan)

Communications Officer: Jill Clark (University of Toronto)

Communications Officer: Mathieu Dauphinais (University of Montreal)

Communications Officer: Jennifer Elliott (University of Ottawa)

Physician: Jessica Butler (Carleton University)

Physician: Véronique Godbout (University of Montréal)

Physician: Jack Ceaser (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)

Physician: Mike Nicholls (University of Saskatchewan)

Physician: Devin Nielsen

Therapist: Jacques Lavergne (Laval University)

Therapist: Laura Lundquist (Dalhousie University)

Therapist: Lois Pohlod (University of Alberta)

Therapist: Tanya Rank (Simon Fraser University)

Therapist: Rhonda Shishkin (University of Saskatchewan)

Therapist: Kurt Stevenson (Saint Mary’s University)

Therapist: Kristy Wiltshire

Therapist: Victoria Wiltshire (Queen’s University)

NOTE: A few additional positions for the Summer Universiade will be filled at a later date.


Chef de Mission: Gord Grace (University of Windsor)

Assistant Chef: Mary MacDonald (CIS)

Communications Manager: Mary Beth Challoner (University of Toronto)

NOTE: The medical staff for the Winter Universiade will be selected at a later date.

About the 2013 Universiades

The 2013 Summer Universiade will feature 13 compulsory sports and 14 optional sports. Compulsory sports: athletics, basketball, fencing, football (soccer), artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, diving, water polo, tennis, volleyball, judo, table tennis. Optional sports: badminton, beach volleyball, belt wrestling, boxing, chess, canoe sprint, field hockey, rugby 7, sambo, sport shooting, synchronized swimming, rowing, weightlifting, wrestling.

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The 2013 Winter Universiade will feature 11 compulsory sports and one optional sport. Compulsory sports: alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, curling, freestyle skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, nordic combined, short track speed skating, ski jumping, snowboarding. Optional sport: long track speed skating.

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