Vancouver U18 and Vancouver North U16 teams take men’s PRCs titles, Fraser Valley women repeat

VANCOUVER – Fraser Valley’s Under-18 women’s team successfully defended their title at the 2012 B2GOLD Provincial Regional Championships, defeating Vancouver Island Tsunami 20-0 in Sunday’s provincial final. Vancouver’s U18 men’s team went undefeated to take the 2012 title as did the U16 men’s side from the Vancouver North region.

The three day regional age grade competition featured over 400 players from 21 teams across the province. The tournament is a pivotal step in the player pathway for athletes to put their hands up for selection to BC provincial teams competing at this year’s National Festival in Quebec.

Fraser Valley repeat as Women’s U18 champions

Fraser Valley were convincing winners in Sunday’s U18 women’s provincial final as they recorded three tries to blank the Vancouver Island Tsunami 20-0. Jenna Elidoros paced the Valley side with 10 points through a try, penalty and conversion. Tiffany Picketts and Alex Mueller also crossed over to secure the win.

Fraser Valley had gone 4-0 in pool play defeating Vancouver Island 17-7, Thompson Okanagan 56-0, Fraser Valley Development 30-0 and Vancouver 20-10.

The FV Rugby Union had also submitted a Fraser Valley Development side to compete in the PRCs and the squad finished in fourth place with pool wins over Vancouver and Thompson Okanagan.

“The Valley proved that we are building from the grass roots up and our club and school programs are growing and we are seeing the fruition of that right now,” said Fraser Valley head coach Jen Ross. “I’m so proud of my team. We put a lot of pressure on them to repeat and they came through. Our [development] team has lots of young players and the future looks pretty bright for the Valley.”

Vancouver went on to take third place with wins over Fraser Valley Development and Thompson Okanagan on Sunday.

Final Rankings – U18 Women:

1. Fraser Valley

2. Vancouver Island

3. Vancouver

4. Fraser Valley Development

5. Thompson Okanagan

U18 Women – Friday, July 6th:

Vancouver 7 – 14 Fraser Valley Dev.

Fraser Valley 17 – 7 Vancouver Island

Vancouver 12 – 17 Thompson Okanagan

Fraser Valley Dev. 0 – 19 Vancouver Island

Fraser Valley 56 – 0 Thompson Okanagan

Saturday, July 7th:

Fraser Valley 30-0 Fraser Valley Dev.

Thompson Okanagan 7-20 Vancouver Island

Vancouver 10-20 Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley Dev. 14-0 Thompson Okanagan

Vancouver 0-6 Vancouver Island

Sunday, July 8th:

Final: Fraser Valley 20-0 Vancouver Island

Placement: Fraser Valley Dev. 7 – 12 Vancouver

Placement: Vancouver 29-7 Thompson Okanagan

Placement: Thompson Okanagan vs Fraser Valley Dev Not Played


Vancouver take U18 men’s division

A star-studded Vancouver lineup went undefeated in the U18 men’s round-robin competition, edging out second place Vancouver Island South Tide by just two points in the final standings.

Vancouver secured their title in a clash with the previously undefeated Fraser Valley West on Sunday, when the two sides drew 15-15. St. George’s and BC Rugby Academy product Karsten Leitner scored Vancouver’s third try to tie the match and secure the crucial bonus point to see Vancouver take the U18 divisional title.

“It was such a strong year with Vancouver [schools] doing so well in the triple-A’s, double-A’s and the BC’s [finals] that I was able to draw on a lot of depth and it made it real tough to pick our team,” said Vancouver’s head coach Bill Chamberlain. “Going through such a long weekend in a battle of attrition… we had good depth to lean on. Even in the final game we had to start a bunch of guys who weren’t starting at the start of the tournament and we still were able to play to our strengths.”

“Every single person did a great job at exactly what they were supposed to do on the field,” said Vancouver veteran Connor Hamilton. “There are so many great athletes out here that you can never take any wins for granted, but in my opinion we did have the best athletes and at the end of the day that was the difference.”

Final Rankings – U18 Men

1. Vancouver (5-0-1) 27pts

2. Vancouver Island South Tide (5-1) 25 pts

3. Fraser Valley West (4-1-1) 23 pts

4. Fraser Valley East (3-3) 14 pts

5. Vancouver Island North (2-4) 10 pts

6. Fraser Valley Central (1-5) 6 pts

7. Cariboo (0-6) 1 pt

U18 Men – Friday, July 6th:

Fraser Valley East 29 – 5 Vancouver Island North

Vancouver Island South 7 – 15 Vancouver

Fraser Valley Central 17 – 12(+1) Cariboo

Fraser Valley West 27 – 5 Vancouver Island North

Vancouver Island South 26 – 10 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver 44 – 5 Cariboo

Fraser Valley West 34 – 10 Fraser Valley East

Saturday, July 7th:

Fraser Valley West 31-5 Cariboo

Vancouver 32-5 Vancouver Island North

Vancouver Island South 19-7 Fraser Valley East

Fraser Valley West 31-5 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver Island South 28-12 Vancouver Island North

Fraser Valley East 31-14 Cariboo

Fraser Valley Central 5-46 Vancouver

Sunday, July 8th

Vancouver Island South 40-7 Cariboo

Vancouver 33-5 Fraser Valley East

Vancouver Island North 19-12 Fraser Valley Central

Fraser Valley West 15-15 Vancouver

Fraser Valley East 10-0 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver Island North 23-10 Cariboo

Fraser Valley West 17 – 24 Vancouver Island South


Vancouver North stay perfect to secure U16 men’s title

After narrowly missing out on the U16 men’s title at the 2011 PRCs when they finished as runners-up, Vancouver North stormed through the 2012 competition posting a 6-0 record with a whopping 211 points scored.

The North Shore squad faced their toughest opponent on Sunday morning when they went up against the previously undefeated Fraser Valley West, and came away with a narrow 12-7 win. Vancouver North went on to finish on top of the standings with 28 points as Fraser Valley West finished as runners-up with 24.

“It feels pretty awesome. Last year we came a close second but we blew it in the finals and this year we came all the way and finished,” said North Shore’s Cole Keffer. “All the teams were hard and we never had an easy game.”

“The guys played phenomenal the last few days. The first game was tough and we seemed to build each and every game,” said Vancouver North coach Daniel Weidner.

A total of 16 Vancouver North players were selected for the upcoming BC U16 provincial trials. The two BC U16 rosters will be selected after a July 17-21 camp, with BC Gold and BC Blue teams traveling to Quebec for Nationals this year.

Final Rankings – U16 Men

1. Vancouver North (6-0) 28 pts

2. Fraser Valley West (5-1) 24 pts

3. Vancouver West (4-2) 21 pts

4. Fraser Valley East (4-2) 20 pts

5. Vancouver Island North (3-3) 19 pts

6. Fraser Valley Central (2-4) 11 pts

7. Thompson Okanagan (2-4) 9 pts

8. Vancouver Island South Tide (1-4) 5 pts

9. Vancouver East (0-6) 0 pts

Friday, July 6th:

Vancouver Island South 41 – 0 Vancouver East

Vancouver North 14 – 7 Vancouver West

Fraser Valley West 13 – 5 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver Island North 60- 0 Vancouver East

Vancouver West 17 – 5 Thompson Okanagan

Fraser Valley East 58- 10 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver Island South 3 – 31(+1) Vancouver Island North

Vancouver North 46 – 0 Thompson Okanagan

Fraser Valley West 41 – 5 Fraser Valley East

Saturday, July 7th:

Vancouver Island South 0 – 15 Fraser Valley Central

Vancouver North 67-0 Vancouver East

Fraser Valley West 32-0- Thompson Okanagan

Vancouver West 33-10 Vancouver Island South

Fraser Valley East 5-22 Vancouver North

Vancouver Island North 14-15 Fraser Valley West

Vancouver West 17-0 Fraser Valley Central

Fraser Valley East 53-0 Vancouver East

Vancouver Island North 31-5 Thompson Okanagan

Sunday, July 8th:

Vancouver Island South 7-33 Fraser Valley West

Fraser Valley East 22-12 Vancouver West

Fraser Valley Central 5-7 Thompson Okanagan

Fraser Valley West 5-12 Vancouver North

Vancouver West 28-26 Vancouver Island North

Thompson Okanagan 28-0 Vancouver East

Vancouver Island South 0-50 Vancouver North

Fraser Valley East 17-12 Vancouver Island North

Fraser Valley Central 51-0 Vancouver East